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As animal lovers and pet owners, we’re passionate about good quality products that we think our pets will love.

Pet365 has been running for the last 18 months, and its given us a fantastic opportunity to try out many of the fabulous things on the market for our gorgeous pets.  We actively seek out new and unique products and prefer to endorse those things which we have found to provide good value for money, high quality or just down right good fun or cool!

Pet365 Blog ImageWith 3 dogs (2 Miniature Schnauzers and a Giant Schnauzer) we regularly put the products we sell to the test and thought it was high time that we shared some views and opinions of the products we sell.  We aim to be as impartial about the product as we can, keeping our pet owner heads firmly on when considering whether we think something is worth the money or fit for purpose, and some tests have led us to cease selling certain products on the grounds we didn’t think they worked!

We’ve also enlisted the help of numerous friends, and pet owners, to test out anything else we provide, to ensure you get as good a view of a products before you buy them.

If you’re interested in seeing some feedback on a particular product we haven’t reviewed yet, or are perhaps keen to provide us with your own view on a product, don’t be shy, get in touch!  We want to build a community for pet owners that provides interesting and useful articles, something we feel is greatly enriched by others views and opinions too! :)

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  1. Roberta
    July 6, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

    Love the dog training facts and figures. Nope – my dogs are not trained well enough; I have had dogs very well trained but they were more built for it so I can’t take much credit.
    Re: your products. I have a hound/Doberman mix, Justus. He can no longer test the “tough” products at my friend’s pet products store. He is a squeeky maniac and he WILL get it :) . Couse, if you want a good photo, all you need is a squeeky to get his attention. Very nice website. Will be back :) .

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