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Pet Head Grooming Products - 'Only for Cool Dogs!'

Posted on 20th Mar 2010 @ 1:43 PM


We have just received our Pet Head stock and are really excited about the range.  We haven't had the chance to try it out on our dogs yet, but if the packaging and the gorgeous smell of the product is anything to go by, this should be a nice product!

We have 3 types of shampoo, a conditioning rinse, a detangling spray and a waterless shampoo spray available so there should be something for everyone.  See more details below or check out the Pet Head section of Pet365.

  • Life’s An Itch- skin soothing shampoo so doggies won’t scratch
  • Fears for Tears- tearless shampoo for pups who squirm in the bath
  • Feeling Flaky- dry & sensitive skin shampoo to add extra moisture to your pups coat
  • Dry Clean- waterless spray shampoo for puppies afraid to get wet or ones on the go
  • So Spoiled- conditioning crème rinse to give any dog an extra pampering treatment
  • Furball- detangling spray that makes for smooth brushing