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Pawz Dispoable Dog Boots Breed Size Guide

Below is a rough guide to which size Pawz Dog Boot each breed would need.  This will give you an idea of what will fit, but it is advisable that you measure your own dog to ensure you have the right size.

Affenpinscher  XX-Small
Afghan Hound  Medium
Airedale  Large
Akita Large
Alaskan Malamute  Medium
American Eskimo, Mini  X-Small
American Eskimo  Medium
American Stafford Terrier  Medium
Bichon Frise Small
Bloodhound  Large
Border Collie  Small
Border Terrier  Small
Boston Terrier  Small
Boxer  Medium
Brittany Medium
Brussels Griffon  XX-Small
Bull Terrier, Mini  Small
Bull Terrier, Standard  Medium
Bulldog  Large
Cairn Terrier  Small
Cardigan Welsh Corgi  Medium
Cavalier King Charles  XX-Small / X-Small
Chihuahua XX-Small
Chinese Crested  Tiny / XX-Small
Chinese Shari Pei  Small / Medium
Chow Chow Large
Cocker Spaniel  Medium
Collie  Medium
Dachshund  X-Small
Dalmatian  Medium
Dandie Dinmont Terrier  Medium
Doberman Pinscher  Large
English Cocker Spaniel  Medium
English Foxhound  Medium
English Springer Spaniel  Medium
English Toy Spaniel  X-Small / Small
Field Spaniel  Medium
French Bulldog  Small
German Pinscher  Medium
German Shepherd Dog  Large
Golden Retriever  Large
Great Dane  X-Large
Great Pyrenees  X-Large
Greyhound  Medium
Havanese  X-Small
Irish Setter  Medium
Irish Terrier  Small
Irish Wolfhound  Large
Italian Greyhound  XX-Small
Japanese Chin  X-Small
Jack Russell Terrier  X-Small  / Small
Kerry Blue Terrier  Large
Labrador Retriever  Large
Lakeland Terrier  Small
Lhasa Apso Medium
Lowchen  Medium
Maltese  Tiny / XX-Small
Manchester Terrier  Small
Mastiff  X-Large
Miniature Pinscher  X-Small
Newfoundland X-Large
Norfolk Terrier  Small
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever  Medium
Old English Sheepdog  X-Large
Papillion  XX-Small
Parson Jack Russell Terrier  Small
Pekingese  X-Small
Pembroke Welsh Corgi  Small
Petit Basset Griffon  Small
Pit Bull  Medium
Pomeranian  Tiny
Poodle, Toy  X-Small
Poodle  Small
Poodle, Standard  Medium
Portuguese Water Dog  Medium
Pug  X-Small
Puli  Large
Rhodesian Ridgeback  Large
Rottweiler  Large
Schipperke  X-Small
Scottish Terrier  Medium
Sealyham Terrier  Small
Shetland Sheepdog  Small
Shiba Inu Small
Shitzu X-Small
Silky Terrier  Small
Skye Terrier  Small
Smooth Fox Terrier  Small
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier  Medium
Staffordshire Bull Terrier  Medium
Schnauzer, Mini  Small
Schnauzer, Standard  Medium
Schnauzer, Giant  X-Large
St. Bernard  X-Large
Swedish Vallhund Medium
Tibetan Terrier  Medium
Toy Fox Terrier  Tiny
Welsh Springer Spaniel  Medium
West Highland White Terrier  Small
Wire Fox Terrier  Medium
Weimaraner  Medium
Whippet  Medium
Yorkshire Terrier  XX-Small