Whether it’s dogs putting their heads out of car windows or funny cat compilations, there will always be time for a cute pet video. And as it’s Christmas, we thought what better time to put together a video gallery of cute animals doing their cute animal thing at Christmas time.

So there’s no need to scour the web; we have pulled together the best of the best just for you. From cats in Christmas trees to dogs singing jingle bells, each and every one of these video’s below has a festive feel. We hope our gallery of pets at Christmas time will put a smile on your face. Happy Christmas everyone!

Where better place to begin than the animals of YouTube singing 12 Days of Christmas. Very festive and we love it.

Just look at the guilt in this pup’s face! Oh dear.

What’s that? You want more cute animals singing christmas songs? Oh go on then.

If you haven’t got your pup 210 plastic bottles for Christmas, then what are you waiting for?

Cats and christmas trees really just do not go together!


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