Puppies Play FightingWhen dogs get frisky with each other, they often use a variety of playful attacks to gain the upper hand. Watching a few dogs have fun while playing is a joy to see. Dogs aren’t trying to hurt each other when they play, even if they seem to get a bit rough. It’s no different than two brothers or two friends playfully wrestling around with each other. You can watch in amazement and laugh hysterically as dogs pull out all the tricks during their play fighting. The next time you see two dogs playing, watch out for some of the dirtiest moves that dogs sometimes use.

One technique that most dogs like to use involves lightly biting another dog’s tail. If one dog can get behind the other, they have a great chance to chomp down on the other dog’s tail. They don’t bite hard enough to hurt the other dog. They simply attempt to latch on to the tail and cause an annoyance to the other dog. It would be like another person grabbing your shirt and just spinning you around like a ball of yawn. The dog with the bitten tail will circle around in an attempt to unlatch the other dog from its tail.

Smaller dogs are notorious for jumping on the backs of larger dogs. You can’t blame the small dogs for using their size to their advantage. Smaller dogs that can jump high can make a play fight miserable for their larger counterpart. Smaller dogs use their quickness and elusiveness to get in close to the other dog, attack, and retreat before the larger dog can retaliate. Once the small dog is on the back of the larger dog, they can ride the other dog like a horse. The larger dog has no choice but to buck like a bronco to try to shake the smaller dog off its back.

Dogs Play FightingThe cheek pull is another dirty technique used by dogs of all sizes. Dogs can nibble on the cheeks of their friends while they play, but they also can cause a lot of discomfort when they tug on the cheeks. This may be one of the more painful forms of playing, but it’s sure hilarious to watch. The look of discomfort and anguish on the face of the dog with the cheeks being pulled is a sight to behold. Once they figure out how to get the other dog away from their cheeks, the normal play fighting resumes.

If that dog wanted to get even with their friend, they could drag them by the neck. One dog could knock another dog over and wipe the floor up with them as they swing them around by their neck. These types of moves in a playful fighting environment make the people watching hunch over with laughter. The dogs do a great job of putting on a show without hurting each other, even though they often resort to using dirty tricks to gain an upper hand. Dogs are a lot like people in that regard.

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