It came as no surprise to me as I was flicking through Pinterest and found photos of dogs at their ‘parents’ wedding. Dogs play an important role in a couple’s life, and as a doggy parent, I can’t imagine my big day without my two furry babies. Incorporating your dog in your wedding will be one of the best things that you ever do.

It can be so hard choosing your wedding dress, tux, bridesmaid dresses, let alone your pets outfit for the day. So here are a few of my ideas…

Hamish McBeth – Savile Row

A collar for the finest of dogs. Named after the famous street in London of fine suit makers, this dog collar designs reflects the skill of a good tailor.  Decorated with a cute Czech crystal paw and fitted with a combined D ring/buckle for a smart look.

The Savile Row collar comes in 3 different sizes and 3 different colours – Black, Tan and Pink.



P Etiquette Italian Leather Dog Collar

Beautiful hand crafted leather dog collars from p-etiquette.  Handmade in the North East, England, each piece is made to order.  Each collar is made from the finest italian calf’s leather, in 11 different sizes and is available in a variety of fresh and vibrant colours, perfect for you to choose from for your big day, colours include:

Apple Green, Aqua Blue, Baby Pink, Black, Candy Pink, Coral, Havana Brown, Lilac, Midnight Blue, Purple, Red, Russet, Sherbet, Turquoise, Vanilla and Yellow.

Dogs and Horses Rolled Leather Dog Collar

The Rolled Leather Dog Collar from Dogs and Horses is hand made in their UK workshop and is a contemporary twist on a classic collar style. Made from the finest leather, rolled around a hard wearing core, this collar is available in 7 different sizes and a variety of colours including: Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Purple and Orange.

Bobby Crystal Leather Dog Collar

The Crystal Dog Collar Collection from Bobby is upmarket, chic and perfect for any discerning dog.  These collars are made from the finest soft lambskin leather and is encrusted with gorgeous lines of Swarovski crystals.

This collar comes in 4 different sizes and 3 different colours including: Brown, Red and Pink.

Bobby Crystal Heart Leather Dog Collar

The Crystal Heart Leather Dog Collar from Bobby, is the perfect way to get some bling on your dog’s collar without going overboard!  Each collar is made in France from the softest Lambskin leather, and incorporate a Swarovski encrusted heart charm with a tag loop.

 Bobby Crystal Heart comes in 2 different sizes and a variety of colours including: Brown, Black, Pink, Red and Lime Green.

Bobby Escapade Leather Dog Collar

The Escapade Collection from Bobby is made in France and incorporates the softest Lambskin leather into some classically styled dog collars. Available in Brown, Black, Red, Hot Pink and Lime Green.


Have you got married and had your pets involved? If so, send in your pics or tell us your ideas!

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