The Doggee from Baggee is a new addition to the Pet365 so we thought we’d give it a test and review!

The product has been around for a year, although I didn’t have the chance to see one until a recent Pet trade show.  I was drawn by the simplicity of the Doggee – and the gorgeous bright and funky colours that were available.

The concept is a simple one.  It’s essentially a keyring.  A keyring with a handy clip on the chain, with a squidgy hollow rubber ball on the end that you can stuff with dog waste bags.  I loved the idea that it could be clipped to pretty much anything, that it could easily hold 20/30 bags and was available in a funky lime green colour, my favourite colour at the moment!

I’ve attached mine to my house keys, meaning that whenever I take out my mad pack of bearded mutts, I’ve always got a bag to hand.

Doggee - in my favourite colour

I’m not alone in my love for its simple, yet eye catching design.  These proved to be a real hit at the recent London Pet Show, with many people drawn by the gorgeous colour palette and their tactile feel.  Most people couldn’t resist the urge to give them a squeeze as they browsed the stand!

I realise there are many different products out there that do the same thing, and lets face it any pocket has the same function.  However I regularly wear clothes without pockets and love the idea that any brand or type of bag can be used in them, which is not necessarily true of a number of its competitors in the marketplace.  For just under a fiver, I think it’s a fun and quirky purchase and something I’m sure I’ll be using for the foreseeable future.

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