Last February Nicola went to Global Pet Expo over in the States, the show is a great way of meeting exhibitors, but also seeing what new products are going to be launched. So when Nic got home we knew there were going to be some new and exciting products heading their way onto Pet365, and so came along Dublin Dog’s newest toy – ‘Snoggz – Rip Van Fetcher’.

When these toys arrived in the warehouse I knew exactly who would love to play with one of these – my 20 month old Golden Retriever, Sadie. This was her christmas present – she was OVER the moon! Sadie loves toys, anything of a size that she can carry around in her mouth, she loves, so I gave her one of the large orange Snoggz.

The toy has been thrown around the living room, chewed on, chucked into the river, bounced around the fields, and still looks brand new – result!

These fabulous toys will be added to the site very soon, but we don’t expect them to stay around for very long – they are so cool and your dog/dogs will absolutely love it!

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Animal lover, designer and all round good egg. Loves Golden Retrievers and has two of her own - Bonnie and Sadie. When Francesca isn't blogging, she can be found on horse back in a field somewhere, upon a surfboard at sea or with a pint in hand watching rugby!

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