Have you ever experienced that frantic moment when your dog runs out the front door and you have to chase him down the street to catch him? Or have you ever stayed up all night because your cat hasn’t been seen for 24 hours and you’ve grown increasingly concerned of their whereabouts?

On average 10 million pets go missing every year. That number is huge, don’t you think? But this could all be about to change with the introduction of Tagg, a new app that is essentially a location tracking device that attaches to your pet’s collar so you can keep track of them wherever they go. Talk about peace of mind! It even provides maps and directions so you can find your pet quickly and easily. Not only does it define your pet’s home base and alerts you if they wander off, the app also monitors your pets surroundings and warns you when they get too hot or cold, and tracks your pet’s activity and rest, providing you with key insights about their behaviour and health.

Now you might be wondering how is the Tagg GPS app any different to a microchip? Well traditional microchipping is an important part of pet care but to find a lost dog using a microchip, a dog has to be found and taken to a vet or shelter with access to the right database with the owner’c correct information. Tagg is s system that uses GPS to enable you to see where your pet is at any time and alerts you if they leave home. The only downside is that Tagg isn’t the same cost as your average app! It costs around £50 for the device but it’s worth every penny. For more information and where to buy it, visit here.

It’s been a while since we last looked at apps for pet owners at Pet365 so on that note, let’s take a look at some of the new and improved apps, which give you and your pet the best out of life.

Have you ever wondered what you pet gets up to behind closed doors? Well you no longer need to wonder with the iCam app. It acts as your eyes and ears as it works with your computer’s webcam to give you a live feed. This is great if you’re leaving your dog at home for the first time. Get it and have peace of mind every time you leave the house.

Do you ever use dog walking as a way to try and help you keep fit? If you have then you need  MapMyDogWalk. The well known MapMyFitness app now has a branded app just for dog walking! You can log your walks, track how many calories you’ve burnt and map your favourite routes using GPS.

If you ever need to know of dog friendly hotels, campsites, beaches, or dog friendly pubs then look no further than Dogfriendly. It’s the UK’s largest database of dog friendly places where you and your pooch will be welcome. Not only that, it also includes valuable resources such as locating vets and finding groomers. Search nearby or by city and the Google Maps integration will make navigating to your location easier than ever.

Need help training your dog? Well do not fear as the iClicker app is here to help! Clicker training is used by top trainers for basic and advanced obedience, teaching tricks and solving behaviour problems and now you can use it too. It comes with an animated clicker with realistic clicking sound, 32 in depth clicker training videos and a noise box, which includes 48 carefully chosen and engaging sounds specifically designed for your dog.

And here’s one just for your pooch. Game for Dogs is a pet- friendly app that is full of fun games you can play with your pet. Games include Squeaky Spot, Squirrelly Sam, and Couple O’ Cats. They are simple fun addictive games you and your pet can play together.

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