When you’re a pet lover, you want to make sure your pet (whether it’s a fish, rabbit, dog or a cat) is completely happy and safe. It doesn’t usually take much to keep a pet happy and safe – we have the natural instincts to ensure these things in everyday life. With the digital revolution though, and the convenience of iPhones – there are so many apps that can help you and your pet enjoy your time together and make the best out of your city or town. So here are the best apps for pet lovers.

1. Pet Care Services App

This nifty little app has all the essential information you’ll want when first buying a pet, or if you’re moving to a new town or city with your pet. The app can inform you about the nearest dog walkers, dog trainers, vets, emergency vets, pet insurance companies and pet parks.

2. Pet Master Pro App

This app lets you keep all the details of your pet’s health. You can store your pets date of birth, weight, breed and microchip information – but also you can also keep their photographs stored on there and even health insurance documents too.

3. Dog Tricks – Best of 101 Dogs Tricks App

This app is perfect for those dog owners out there. It’ll fill you with loads of fantastic ideas for teaching your lovely pooch some great tricks to impress the other dog walkers. The app also gives training advice too – which is perfect for those who don’t really know where to start.

4. All Pets Radio App

This app is actually a radio station designed for listeners who love their pets and who want interesting information and general advice on pets too. The radio station has lots of variety and a big community too – so perfect for pet lovers of all ages and experience.

5. Pet first aid

This should be an essential app for all pet owners. If you feel you wouldn’t know what to do if something ever happened to your pet – then it’s important you install this app, so you can feel confident and keep your pet safe if anything ever happened.

6. Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly is a great app (especially with summer time arriving). It allows you to locate the nearest “dog friendly” establishments to you, which includes bars, pubs, restaurants and parks. It’s a great choice if you’re holidaying with your pet too, as you may not necessarily be knowledgeable of the area.

7. DogiDuti

DogiDuti is great for those of us that live busy lives whilst looking after our pets. The aim of this app is to make sure your pet is eating and peeing enough – as if there are anomalies in this it can indicate health issues. By monitoring your dog’s toilet habits, you can also plan your day that little bit better.

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