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Dog Coats and Dog Jackets at Pet365

Pet365 offers a wide range of Dog Coats for winter. Whether you're looking for a dog rain coat, or something a bit warmer to get you through those chilly winter months we have all types of styles and colours.  Some of our dog jackets provide coverage on the underneath of the dog as well as the top if keeping your dog clean all over is an important consideration. Remember to measure your dog carefully when buying a coat as you need to ensure a good fit - that way it doesn't come loose and isn't too tight.

Whatever season it is, cold weather is always just around the corner in the UK so it's better for you and your canine companion to be prepared! Some breeds of dog are highly susceptible to cold weather, dampness and chill; this can lead to a very uncomfortable season for many of our four-legged friends. Active sporting and working dogs, too, may need added protection in the cold months.

Even hardy breeds, if exposed to severe weather for repeated long hours, can begin to suffer and become chilled. Fortunately, there are some wonderful, high quality dog coat options available for all breeds and sizes that will be sure to help keep your dog warm and dry this winter. With top brands like HurttaBobby, and Hamish McBeth, it's easy to find a practical, appealing style of dog coat made from durable material. A wide variety of colours are also available to compliment any fur tone.

What Does Your Dog Need?:

It's important to determine what style of dog coat will be the most practical for your canine friend. If your dog is a companion dog who is accustomed to short walks rather than log jogs in the country, there are several styles of top-covering coats that will protect your dog's shoulders and back from rain and snow. For dogs that chill easily or have little fur, doggy rain coats that protect the abdomen and chest are also available. These will keep your canine companion from getting soaked both above and below while outside.

Active dogs who spend hours outdoors but may not have the fur to compensate for heat loss will benefit from heavy duty, warm winter dog coats. Since dogs typically have less fur on their underbelly, they can lose a lot of heat when in deep snow or when outdoors in cold weather for long periods of time. Winter dog coats protect the underside, shoulders and back to ensure your dog stays warm.

Measurement - Finding the Right Fit:

No one likes to wear a coat that is too tight or so large it's unwieldy; dogs are no exception. A coat that is too tight will be difficult for your dog to move in, while a coat that is too loose may slide off or become snagged. It's especially important to carefully measure your dog and, if possible, according to instructions given by the manufacturer (this is especially the case with Hurtta, who have coats in a huge range of sizes).

As a general rule, when measuring for a dog coat you should go from the base of your dogs to neck to the start of his or her tail. Most brands advise that you add a bit extra, so if you're unsure then go for the next size up - that way, when your dog is moving around there won't be a problem with restricted movement.


Last, but certainly not least, remember to think about the quality of what you're buying. As with anything you get what you pay for so if the coat is likely to be worn most days then it's better to invest a little bit of extra money up front. We use Hurtta on our own dogs, and have been really impressed, but you also can't go wrong with the likes of Hamish McBeth and Bobby if you like something with a bit of extra style. Last, but certainly not least, Danish Design are exremely good value for money and offer well made dog coats at a reasonably price.