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All dog food stocked at Pet365 is chosen for its quality, as well as healthiness. Feeding natural and organic dog food, such as Lilys Kitchen, Applaws and Orijen is an important part of the holistic well being of your dog, and as such is something you should take as much time considering as you would your own food. These top brands have been selected for their organic or natural properties and whilst not the cheapest brands on the market have been roadtested at Porgaet365 HQ and been found to be a real hit with our dogs!

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A lot of people do not give the food that they are feeding their dog that much thought. They may choose by what is on sale or the cheapest and then settle into a habit of buying the same thing every time and that is the extent of what they do. On the other hand, there are quite a few people that give this project more thought than that. They may have a new dog or they have had a dog that has gotten sick in the past.

What a person feeds their dog is very important. Just like people, each dog goes through changes as they progress through life and need different things from their dog food at these different stages. Choosing the proper food can be a puzzle, but it is really not as complex as some may think; the vet can be one of the greatest tools that a person can use when determining what is best for their dog. In reality, having as much dog food information as possible is key to making the correct choice.

Different phases of life will require different types of foods and the health of the dog at any given time will also make a big different as to what type of food the dog can eat. Older dogs may require less of the nutrition that a puppy requires, but may need special nutrients that help older dog’s joint health.


One of the first things that occur to some people when getting ready to change dog foods is the cost. They assume that better dog food is going to cost more and to a certain extent this may be true. The main aspect that alters this to some extent is the fact that dogs will overall consume less of the expensive food.

Just like people, dogs will crave foods if they are low are certain vitamins and minerals. People will crave meat if they are low on iron and will continue to eat different things until they satisfy the need that they have. The same is true for dogs. A lower cost dog food that is not providing all that the dog needs will be eaten more quickly and the end result will be spending more money, which is a great reason to consider a healthy, organic dog food.

Wet Food Versus Dry food

Both wet and dry foods have benefits that can help a dog. Dry food is generally better for dog’s teeth and also for keeping their stool firm. The cost is lower than wet food and if a child is feeding the dog, dry food is easy to store and easy to serve. Dry food generally has a higher amount of gluten than wet food and it sometimes sprayed with animal fat to hold the individual pieces together.

Wet food is almost always better in the nutrition department. It contains a higher amount of moisture which is good for hydration and the dog’s coat. Some of the issues that some dog’s parents will run into are the fact that once the dog has tasted wet food, it may be hard to switch them back. Also, looser stools will be evident early on.

A fair solution is to mix some dry food and wet food together. A person can also alternate dry and wet food. If you're going to be away most of the day at work, this is a good time for dry food and then wet and dry mixed when they return home. Remember though, if you're changing the diet of your dog do so gradually and consider consulting your vet.


There is also organic, natural dog food. This can be a little pricey, but some people will server their animals nothing else. Organic dog food does not contain many of the same chemicals as other dog foods and can be better for a longer life for a dog.

The final choice does not have to be written in stone. As with mixing dry and wet food, most food choices for dogs can be played with a little bit. Talking with the vet and watching the effects of various changes in diet on the dog can help make final choices. Both happiness and health are important for the dog. Just like a child that does not want to eat their vegetables, sometimes the happiness of the dog may not fit just right with the health aspect, but in the end there is always a happy medium.

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