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  • The Company of Animals Green Interactive Slow Feeder for Dogs

The Company of Animals Green Interactive Slow Feeder for Dogs

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Product Description

The Green Interactive Slow Dog Feeder from Company of Animals is a revolutionary way in which you can turn your dog's meal into a fun and challenging game, which at the same time slows down the speed at which they eat their dinner!

To use, scatter the desired amount of food across the 'Green' and leave your dog to work out how best they can get the food out from the blades of grass.  This feeder can be used as a boredom breaker with a 'treat' portion of your dog's favourite food, or can be used to feed a main meal, to prolong eating time.  This has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of illness, such as vomiting, gagging and bloat.

The Green Interactive Feeder is available in one size.  It has been designed so that it suits any size of dog, irrespective of weight and breed. 

Made from hard plastic, the Green Interactive Feeder can be used indoors and out and is completely dishwasher safe.


This interactive feeder comes in 2 sizes; Mini and Standard Sizes. The Mini version is perfect for small/toy breeds and puppies, whereas the Standard version is suitable for all other breeds.

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by
    Britt Oeye

    I keep bloodhounds, they are known to enjoy their food and also known to bloat.
    My soon to be 9 year old bitch has used the slow feeder for 6 months,she is at present in hospital
    after removing her enlarged and "knotted" (vet's wording)spleen, lost much blood from internal bleeding. She never blew in this period which is a miracle. Bless you and thanks for a great product.