Christmas is all about giving, so here is our gift to you – the 12 dogs of Christmas; hopefully it’ll make you smile and bring some good old festive cheer! For those of you who don’t remember the original (or just want a reminder) there’s a YouTube video here.

The 12 Dogs Of Christmas

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  • Cathy

    Love it, very cute 😉

  • bichonpawz

    All set Matt! I put it on my blog! Super cute!

    • Matt Beswick

      Thanks Jeanne!

  • Fisher

    I love it, Matt! I was thinking of writing words to the 12 days except for cats. Never got there, though. You did a great job – going up on post in the next little while. Thank you!

    • Matt Beswick

      Heheh, thanks Fisher… we very nearly did a cats version too but sadly have run out of time. Maybe next year! :)

  • Your Daily Cute


    • Matt Beswick

      Thanks Dorian! :)

  • Jackie

    Well done Guy’s!!! love it! lol

  • Jackie

    Matt, can you send me the code for facebook?

    Thank you

  • Aimee @4TheLoveofAnimals

    So fun! It will be shared on our blog tomorrow. Thanks for the laugh. :)

  • paula bloem

    What about the spanial’s Matt? :)

  • Kara

    so cute I love it

  • Annie Radford

    Thank You Matt I love it :)

  • Anna

    Great work!

  • Janet Gunn

    Great fun! Have shared it on my facebook page.

  • mom in NoVA

    Cute idea, although the “boxers” look like bulldogs and the “labs” look like boxers.

  • Shaggy Dog Stories

    LOVE your graphics! The banner for this one will be up on Shaggy Dog Stories shortly.

  • http://facebook debbie moore

    fantastic !!! put a smile on my face x x x

  • Kelly

    Cute! Happy Holidays!

  • lidya

    cute… make me smile

  • Anna

    Cute and it is also great to see you around again!!!! :)