15 Of The Best Dog Beds

Best Dog Beds

As cute as it seems, when your dog jumps into bed with you or onto the sofa to take a nap or go to sleep for the night, they really should have their own bed(s). I love my dog, I really do, but I need my space at night to stretch out! Aside from this, there are benefits to having a dog bed tailor-made for your canine. 

Check out our list of the best dog beds 2021, separated into different categories such as older dogs, small dogs, large dogs, dogs with anxiety, and more. Additionally, we’ve pointed out the features that you should pay close attention to when shopping around for the best dog beds.

You can improve both your and your dog’s sleeping patterns by investing in a dog bed suited to their sleeping style and needs. Let’s take a closer look at the most crucial factors: practicality, comfort, size, etc., and our dog bed reviews, carefully researched for your convenience.

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Product Reviews: Best Dogs Beds 2021

Our dog bed reviews are based on the characteristics of a well-made product that accommodates every type of dog for a variety of purposes.

Here are the best dog beds 2021 broken down by category:

Best Bed For Small Dogs – The Retreat Eco-Wellness Bed

Danish Design Retreat Eco-Wellness Dog Bed

This bed accommodates the needs of smaller dogs seamlessly. Moreover, small dogs, at 30 pounds or less and the even smaller toy breed—which are dogs that weigh under 20 pounds, have different needs than your average-sized dog.

Dogs that are of smaller stature need options that give them the feeling of safety and security. So beds with sides that come up and surround them are the best choices to make them feel safe and less anxious as they sleep or simply relax.

The Retreat Eco-Wellness Bed is a bed that supplies all of the needs of smaller breeds of dog. The memory foam provides optimal support for your dog. As you know, support is critical if they’re advanced in age. Furthermore, the beef is filled with 100% polyester fibre which provides even more warmth and comfort.

  • The bed comes in a size for smaller dogs
  • Bed is designed for comfort and warmth
  • There’s a 30 day right of return

Best Bed For Large Dogs – The GoFirst Dog Bed

GoFirst Dog Bed

Large dog owners often have difficulty finding bedding that can not only accommodate the sheer size of their dogs but is also capable of taking pressure off of their joints. The GoFirst dog bed for large dogs is large enough to fully support the size of larger breeds of dogs without their legs dangling out of the bed.

You have plenty of options to choose from to match your home decor. The bed is available in black, grey, brown, navy blue and wine red. What’s more, this bed is not only suitable for indoors but it is good for kennels and other outdoor use.

The surface of the bed is made of artificial rabbit fur fabric which is soft and comfortable. The interior has a unique design of egg box foam which provides much needed orthopaedic support.

  • Comes in multiple colours
  • A washable protective covering
  • There’s foam for orthopaedic support

Best Waterproof Bed – The Danish Design County Green Duvet Deep Filled Bed

The Danish Design County Green Duvet Deep Filled Dog Bed

If you’re looking for a simple yet functional bed then Danish Design County Green Duvet Deep Filled bed is what you’re looking for. This bed doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles, of course. But this is one pup bed that covers the basics and does it well.

If you and your dog enjoy the outdoors where it’s quite easy for your dog to get wet and drying them off isn’t always possible, this waterproof bed will simplify your life. Since it’s waterproof you don’t have to worry about the material having a bad odour as a result of mildew. The bed is 100% cotton and if ready to wipe clean.

  • Perfect for an outdoor dog
  • Cleans easily
  • Doesn’t hold dog odours

Best Bed For Puppies – The Holly Pet Small Breathable Cushion Bed

The Holly pet Small Breathable Cushion Bed

When you’re dealing with puppies you want your bed to be durable, capable of handling all of the nibblings, biting and chewing that the pup will attempt to throw at the bed. Luckily, the Hollypet small breathable cushion bed is designed with superior quality. 

The fabric is durable and tough enough to take on the typical, playful behaviours that puppies are known to do. Interestingly enough, the bed’s durability doesn’t mean your pup has to sacrifice comfort. 

The bed is made with soft and warm PP cotton and the bottom of the bed has a non-slip design. The bed is breathable which means that it is less likely to hold odours. This bed cleans easily and it is machine washable.

  • Durable
  • Breathable material to ward off bad odours
  • Soft and comfortable design

Best Bed For Chewers – Maximum Pet Products Tough Chew Bed

Maximum Pet Products Tough Chew Bed

If you have a dog that has a penchant for chewing up every bed that he gets, then it’s time to dispense with the conventional beds. You need a heavy-duty need capable of taking the constant punishment dished out by your eager and energetic dog.  The Maximum Pet Products Tough chew waterproof dog bed provides you with all the durability that you will ever need. 

The bed is outfitted with a tough heavy-duty fabric that can stand up to consistent chewing. Not only this, the bed is anti-fungal and is flame resistant to boot. Moreover, because the bed is waterproof, it is suitable for the outdoors. And you don’t have to worry about those pesky odours because the bed is both odour and dirt repellent.

  • Has heavy-duty fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Odour and dirt repellent
  • Comes in many sizes

Best Sofa-Style Dog Bed – The Pawhut Wooden Deluxe Lounger

The Pawhut Wooden Deluxe Lounger

They’re practical benefits to purchasing a sofa style dog bed that may not come to mind immediately. A sofa style dog bed can accommodate a dog’s body in its entirety, so you don’t have to worry about part of your dog’s body or limbs lacking any sort of support.

Moreover, sofa style beds are very sturdy due to the rubber feet that are usually installed on the bed to maximise traction so that the sofa will stay put even if your dog jumps onto it.  Finally, most sofa style beds are equipped with thicker cushions which do wonders to relieve pressure off of their joints. 

The Pawhut Wooden Deluxe Lounger supplies you with everything that you need in a sofa style dog bed. This bed is constructed with wood with soft plush fur as a covering. Additionally, the cushions are indeed filled with foam for the expressed purpose of alleviating pressure on muscles and joints while your dog lies down.

  • Heavily padded to alleviate joint pressure
  • Stylish and can add to your decor
  • Quality material
  • Cushions are removable and washable

Best Orthopedic Bed – The Bedsure Orthopaedic Washable Bed

The Bedsure Orthopaedic Washable Bed

If you’re looking for an orthopaedic dog bed, you know the importance of providing your dog with ample spine, joint, and muscle support. Bedsure’s orthopaedic bed is the perfect bed for you and your dog, especially if your dog suffers from joint pain. Bedsure’s bed reduces tossing and turning from your dog and increases their overall comfort level as they rest.

Bedsure’s orthopaedic bed comes with an ample sleeping surface which will give your beloved dog plenty of space to stretch out. The outer cover of the bed is removable and washable for convenient cleaning. There are three couch arms to nestle up against like a supportive wall. Lastly, there’s a water-resistant base that will be useful in the case of any accidents.

  • Designed to alleviate pressure from muscles, joints and spine
  • Removable outer cover convenient for washing
  • Base resistant baselining handy for accidents
  • Memory foam base

Best Dog Bed For In The Car – Dryzem Waterproof Hammock

Dryzem Waterproof Hammock

Your dog is important to you and your car’s upholstery is vital to you as well. You no longer have to choose between the two because you can take your beloved companion with you wherever you go without putting your upholstery at risk of being damaged. 

Thanks to DRYZEM’s dry seat cover, you have all the protection that you will ever need—allowing you to let your hair down and just drive without worrying about how dirty and damaged the back seat will be after your trip. 

This seat cover is waterproof and puncture-resistant. Moreover, the TPU construction projects leather and fabric car seats from muddy paws, shedding and sharp claws. This covering ensures that your car stays clean and dry even when your dog is wet and dirty. Finally, this is a universal covering that fits cars of all sizes from a Kia to a truck.

  • Protects your seats from punctures and muddy paws
  • Waterproof
  • All size fits all covering

Best Dog Bed For In A Crate – Bedsure Memory Crate Mattress

Bedsure Memory Crate Mattress

Finding the perfect crate mattress can be a bit of a task. Mainly, because not all crate beds offer the right amount of coverage in tandem with the perfect amount of comfort. However, Bedsure’s memory crate mattress is just what you need to make your crate perfectly comfortable for your loyal companion. 

Bedsure’s crate mattress is an orthopaedic memory foam dog bed that aims to relieve your pet’s existing joint pain while simultaneously preventing any potential joint problems down the line. Moreover, this bed has a water-resistant lining that protects the memory foam from accidents of all kinds. This feature really prolongs the life of the dog mattress. 

Bedsure’s memory foam bed also comes with a non-slip bottom which helps the matters stay put even when your dog is moving around excessively. 

  • Memory foam orthopaedic bed
  • Has a water-resistant lining
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Can be used outside of the crate

Best Heated Dog Bed – Petnf Pet Heating Pad

Petnf Pet Heating Pad

If your dog suffers from hip dysplasia, spinal injuries, arthritis, circulation issues or any other joint affecting issues then a heated bed would be the best just for him or her. When it comes to joint pain, heat has a way of relieving pain. 

Petnf’s electric heat pad is the bed to get your dog back to feeling normal again. A temperature regulator with six levels lets you adjust between 86-131°F and 30-55°C.

This gives you the flexibility to choose the best temperature which suits your dog’s individual needs. Additionally, there’s a timer system that automatically shuts the heating pad off.

For an added layer of safety, not only is the pad flame retardant but it is waterproof as well. What’s more, the wires on the pad are chew resistant. That means fewer risks for heavy chewers.

  • Offers a timer on the heating pad
  • Adjustable temperatures on the heating pad
  • Flame retardant
  • Chew proof wires

Best Cooling Dog Bed – Lauva Self-Cooling Sleeping Mattress

Lauva Self-Cooling Sleeping Mattress

Summer can be an eventful and exciting time for the entire family, including your dog. Running around outside means warmer body temperatures. Plus, some dogs just sleep warm–and a thick coat means even more warmth.

Sometimes simply sitting down isn’t enough—here’s where Lauva’s self-cooling mattress comes in handy. This cooling mattress is guaranteed to keep your precious pet 7-9 degrees below the surrounding temperatures. 

So, on those hot summer days, your dog will enjoy the soothing coolness of the cushioned mat. Conventional dog beds actually trap heat potentially causing your dog more discomfort. However, with the cooling mat, this will not be the case.

  • Waterproof, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and more durable
  • Much thicker than most of the cooling mattresses on the market
  • Capable of cooling your dog’s temperature 7-9 degrees below ambient temperatures

Best Cosy Cave Style Dog Bed – Snoozer Cosy Cave Dog Bed

Snoozer Cosy Cave Dog Bed

Cave-style dog beds are suitable for breeds of dogs that love to burrow.

Snoozer’s cosy cave style bed is designed to give your dog a sense of security in a nice and cosy abode.

This bed features a sherpa lining which facilitates warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. The cover is removable, washable and dryable. This bed is simple and functional and may be what you’re looking for.

  • Beautiful finish and design
  • Very soft and cosy
  • High quality 

Best Calming Dog Bed – The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Bed

The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Bed

This bed is ideal for dogs and puppies suffering from anxiety. It’s no secret that puppies transition from the comfort of their mother’s fur to your home can be a difficult ordeal for them. That’s where the Dog’s sleep doughnut dog bed can make the transition much more seamless. 

The cushion design has a dual-layer mattress at the base that replicates the familiar warmth of a dog pile or that of mum’s fur. The bolsters are adequately filled and they surround your dog, allowing them to feel secure. 

The comfort of this bed satisfies your dog’s instinct to nest, exhibited when they choose to curl up during sleep. A cosy bed could reduce your pup’s feelings of anxiety and vulnerability by helping them feel safe and secure.

  • Had luxurious vegan fur for comfort
  • Dual-layer base mattress to maximise comfort
  • Designed to induce security to ward off feelings of vulnerability

Best Dog Bed For Older Dogs – PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed

PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed

Older dogs suffer from joint pains to a higher degree because of their advanced ages.

Orthopaedic beds are designed to alleviate pressure from stressed muscles and joints and older dog rests.

PetFusion’s memory foam bed would be the best choice for your dog who is in their advanced years.

  • Designed to alleviate pressure from muscles, joints and spine
  • Removable outer cover convenient for washing
  • Water resistant baselining handy for accidents
  • Memory foam base

Best Outdoors Dog Bed – Hik9’s Large Raised Dog Bed

Hik9's Large Raised Dog Bed

HiK9’s Original large mesh raised pet bed is ideal for outdoor use. The tough Plastic coated polyester gives the bed very distinct advantages over the typical dog bed. The raised bed allows for air to flow, allowing dogs to better regulate their body temperatures.

Furthermore, the breathable material allows for wetness to dry very quickly. This feature is good for dogs that are consistently dirty or wet. This bed can be left outdoors because if it rains, the water will easily drain through the material and dry quickly. Additionally, this bed does wonders for dogs with allergies because the design dust mites from breeding in the bedding.

  • Breathable material allows for airflow that enables your dog to regulate its temperature better
  • Easy to clean and waterproof
  • Can be left outdoors with no fear of the rain because the water easily drains
  • Great for dogs with allergies, dust mites cannot breed in the bedding

Dog Bed Buying Guide

When you’re searching for the best dog beds, you have to consider various factors that will affect the quality of sleep your dog can achieve. It may be hard to find a bed that possesses every single one of these components, but of course, the more, the merrier.

Water Resistance

Waterproof beds are more hygienic than other beds because they withstand your dog’s daily activities without being compromised. These beds feature an outer lining that blocks out water, bacteria, urine, and moisture.

This means you can be confident that the filling in the dog bed will stay cleaner for longer. This is especially true for younger dogs who haven’t been fully housebroken yet, older dogs with weaker bladders, and dogs that occasionally have accidents due to excitement.

Elevation Off the Floor

Here are the benefits of providing your dog, especially older dogs, with an elevated bed design:

  • Keeps your dog at a comfortable temperature (not too cold) and away from draughts that circulate when they’re directly on the floor
  • Provides firm support that feels great for arthritic dogs 
  • Elevated beds are usually portable
  • Elevated beds come workout stuffing; therefore, they won’t get chewed up as easily

Elevated beds also tend to make dogs feel like they’re on a sofa instead of a bed. This element may offer some assistance with transitioning if you just recently switched them from your furniture to their own personal space. This style of bed can be a nice way to bridge the gap.

Size Matters

Size can be tricky, but stick with these general rules for the size of the dog bed:

  • Dogs up to 40 lbs. (Small)
  • Dogs up to 60 lbs. (Medium)
  • Dogs up to 120 lbs. (Large)
  • Dogs over 120 lbs. (Extra-Large)

Consider the length of their body and whether they may want to stretch out in the bed. Also, remember how much space you have available in your home. For example, if you need a smaller bed that you can pick up and take with you because you often travel, keep that in mind. Otherwise, you might purchase a huge luxury-sized bed that you won’t have at your disposal when you take a trip. 

Overall, when in doubt, go with the next size up, as it should still provide the “cocooning effect” for your pup.


Of course, no one wants to replace a dog bed unnecessarily because they purchased a low-quality product. For example, if you know your dog is a chewer, purchase a material made just for that. It should be durable and able to sustain extreme pulling and tugging from your dog’s teeth. 

Additionally, check which filler is used as some as not machine-washable and others are. You want to go for a durable material that is 100% washable and won’t tear easily due to wear and tear. 

Pets Age

Your dog’s age is important when you select a dog bed because different ages present different challenges. Puppy beds should be smaller, and they should be waterproof if possible. For senior dogs, it would be beneficial to select an orthopaedic bed that’s elevated from the ground in case it’s hard for them to get out of the bed from the floor. 

Ultimately, you’ll be able to tell what your dog needs in a bed by the behaviour they display when sleeping. You’ll need to address any deficiencies or difficulties they have. 

Sleeping Style

Nothing your dog’s sleeping style can also help you to figure out which dog bed to choose. Do they have a habit of twitching, wagging, or moving a lot in their sleep? Do they sleep in the fetal position or stretched out, legs in the air? The answers to these questions will help you to decide whether you want bolstered sides, a 360-enclosed bed, an open pillow-style bed, sofa-style, memory foam, elevation, and a plethora of other features.

Design Preference

How do you want your dog’s bed to look? 

Pillow-Style: This is an open bed that comes in a rectangular or round shape and will suit most dogs and work with any space available. It’s soft and allows the dog The freedom to enter and exit quickly.

Bolster: Think of this bed style as a deep-dish pizza. It has three elevated sides that serve as a pillow and offers support and security. It also has an opening on one side that allows for easy access. This bed also takes up a bit more space, so plan accordingly.

Wraparound: This particular style is great for dogs that like to be enclosed when they sleep for that extra feeling of safety and comfort. 


Having a machine-washable bed is an excellent option. Having a dog, especially an active dog, means that you’ll probably have to wash it at least once, maybe even twice a week. Dog beds can get smelly, dogs can have accidents, and whatever they come into contact with daily gets dragged back to the bed. 

Being able to toss the dog bed in the washing machine makes it easy to maintain. Having the capability to wash the inner cushions and the covers means that you can keep the dog bed clean and fresh, and prevent buildup that could irritate your dog’s skin. In the instance that you can’t wash it, you’ll need to still get it clean somehow, whether in your bathtub or at the laundromat.


The shape of the dog bed is essential to suit your dog’s habits. Purchase a round dog bed if your dog likes to circle the bed a few times before finally plopping down into a tight ball to get some sleep. On the other hand, if your dog prefers to stretch out on their side with their limbs stretched out, go with a rectangular bed.

If your dog is older, you may want a rectangular bed because being curled up may be uncomfortable at that age. 

Take these factors into consideration and hop to it! We had a hard time kicking our dog out of our bed because those puppy eyes are hard to say “no” to! In the end, though, we were both happier and so was Georgie. Dogs need personal space that caters to their body and sleeping style.

Final Thoughts

We know that dogs love to sleep with us sometimes, okay, depending on the dog, all the time. But the bottom line is, a dog needs to have its own space that can be its special area of relaxation. Dogs sleep a lot throughout the day and they should have a comfortable and unique space that will allow for sufficient rest without infringing on anyone else’s space. 

Remember to consider these key factors before purchasing a dog bed:

  • Water resistance
  • Elevation off the floor
  • Size matters
  • Durability
  • Pets Age
  • Sleeping Style
  • Design Preference
  • Washability
  • Shape

You should expect to buy more than one dog bed during your dog’s lifetime; quite naturally both their needs and yours will change and you’ll have to adapt to their new sleeping demands. Hopefully, our carefully researched list of the best dog beds 2021 will help you select the perfect bed for your companion. 

Always keep in mind that dogs have emotions and requirements as we do. The desire to be comfortable, warm, and secure while sleeping is not particular to humans. Our dogs can’t talk; they can bark an awful lot, but they can’t just tell us what they need outright. 

It’s up to us as dog owners and lovers to do everything we can to make sure they get the best sleep night in and night out, just as we hope to. A dog bed is a necessity to treat your dog with love and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your dog needs to have a place that they can go that belongs to just them. Even in the instance that you allow your dog to sleep in your bed, they should have a few of their own around the house, at least one. Instead of sleeping on the floor, a dog bed can keep your dog warm, prevent them from getting calluses and also support dogs that have arthritic joints. Also, dog beds are portable and can be taken on trips or to unfamiliar places to allow your dog to feel safe and secure.

The best dog beds are 100% washable and should be washed at least once a week to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading. Dogs tend to come into contact with a lot of smelly and germy places on a daily basis. Therefore, if possible, you should use a pet-friendly detergent and bleach to wash your dog's bed in the washing machine. If the bed is too large, take it to your local laundromat, or you can wash it in the bathtub with hot water. Allow it to air dry completely, or place it into the dryer.

Have you noticed your dog exhibit any of the following anxious behaviours?

  • Shivering and whining when not held
  • excessive fidgeting and hiding in different places 
  • panting due to nervousness 

If so, they may benefit from a calming bed. Experts support that calming beds in conjunction with training can help dogs cope with varying forms of anxiety. These beds come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and colours for dogs of different ages and needs. 

Calming beds also feature hiding places, self-heating options, reinforced edges, and orthopaedic padding. Of course, the best use of a calming bed is in conjunction with settle training. You can teach your dog to relax in their special bed even if distractions are present.

If you don't have a particular need for your dog and you just want to know the best bed you can find in general, consider Casper’s dog bed. This super comfy bed has supportive foam technology that relieves pressure; it's a great choice for dogs that are really picky about their sleeping space. 

Additionally, it also comes with an extra layer of material (bonded microfiber) that feels similar to putting its paws in the sand. This means the bed doubles as an indoor activity option! The Casper dog bed also has a thick foam lining on the sides, acting as supportive pillows.  

Dogs may prefer to sleep in bed with their owners, but in reality, they should have their own space. They may be opposed to getting kicked out of your bed at first, but with time and the right dog bed, they should become accustomed to having their own sleep sanctuary. 

Dogs typically get 12-18 hrs of sleep per day, depending on various factors. Your dog needs a comfortable place to sleep throughout the day, and the floor isn't suitable, especially in the long run. Adequate sleep is vital, and a quality dog bed can help your dog feel safe and secure.

Plenty of brands offer excellent dog bed options, both online and in-store. If you'd like to see the dog bed in person then you may want to browse your local pet supply store to see what options are available. 

Otherwise, you have the benefit of variety and a vast selection of products should you choose to use a site such as Amazon to purchase your dog bed. The perks of shopping online include delivery right to your door--within just a couple of days in most cases. Your dog will be sitting pretty in their new bed in no time.

Dog bed reviews support our choice for the Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Bed as the top product in this category. This bed can be used for dogs that are small or large, and it can be used for cats as well. 

It is constructed with vegan faux fur that mimics mum's fur and it makes this plush bed feel incredibly soft. This bed also has multiple styles and colours to choose from and it also has raised sides to offer additional support to dogs who need security.

Preferably, dogs should rest on firm beds because they need a surface that's not too soft or too hard. Why? Because hard surfaces are not too forgiving on joints and muscles, while overly soft beds don't offer any structural support whatsoever. 

Dog beds that are too soft don't provide the necessary support for joints. Sometimes older dogs can sink in and have difficulty getting out of the bed. While the floor is too hard, and not adequately supportive for your pup, a too-soft bed is a real problem, too.

The safest bet is a memory foam material that'll conform to the shape of your dog's body. This type of bed not only relieves pressure, but it distributes weight evenly and they'll be comfier.

In short, yes; if you feel cold in cooler seasons such as Autumn and Winter, likely, your dog does as well. Veterinarians recommend that pet owners should purchase blankets and clothes if necessary to keep their dog warm. This is especially true for smaller dogs who will lose heat more quickly, regardless of how thick their coat is.

Covering a dog with a blanket at night is important because temperatures tend to drop after dark. Therefore, whether your dog sleeps outside in the garage, in a dog house, or inside on the floor, a blanket is a good idea for extra warmth. Other factors to consider are your dog's personal needs, age, weight, and the type of flooring that you have. 

When in doubt, check their ears; unlike their fur that might always feel warm, a dog's ears will tell cool to the touch if they are cold.

As a general rule of thumb, you should keep spare blankets around in case you notice signs of your dog being cold. If you see them shivering or trying to curl up wherever they lay, it may be an indication that they need more warmth. Extreme cold can cause hypothermia in dogs, so warmer is always best.

But fur thickness and weight are considerations that you should be mindful of as well. Some thicker-coated dogs don't get cold as easily, and they may not like warmer-sleeping beds. Giving your furry friend options is ideal, and an extra blanket is easy for them to grab if they get cold.

Consider your specific pet and his needs before you select the product. Pay attention to your dog's age, sleeping style, and any health conditions that need accommodation. If you have an older dog, you'll want to search for a bed that offers orthopaedic support. If you have a dog that likes to stretch out when they sleep, you may opt for a sofa-style dog bed. 

The key is choosing a product that's durable and portable if possible. It should be easy to wash and will make your companion as comfortable as possible.