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  • The Original Hi K9 Raised Dog Bed with Mesh Cover

The Original Hi K9 Raised Dog Bed with Mesh Cover

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Product Description

The Hi-K9 Raised Dog Bed from The Original... Raised Dog Bed company is available in different sizes to accommodate all sizes of dog, and dogs that love to share a bed!

The bed comprises a metal frame, which is zinc-plated for long term protection, and a fabric 'sling' wihich is stretched across the bed.  This creates a comfortable bed on which your dog can sleep, out of the cold drafts and so comfortable it moulds around your dog's body, providing a wonderful night's sleep. 

Covers are replaceable and available in two different fabrics: a breathable mesh for dogs that get wet, dirty or overheat, or a solid fabric that is smoother to the touch and prevents draughts.  Why not throw a blanket over the top of it in those chillier months too for extra warmth and soft snuggly cosiness.

Each bed is fully collapsible and comes with it's own carry case - making it perfect for camping trips, or weekends away.

The mesh cover is particularly useful for dogs with skin allergies as the bed can be kept clean easily; and the mesh allows air to flow freely and for any debris to drop through the bed.

Easy to clean, you can machine wash, jet wash, disinfect or just wipe down to keep it looking fresh.

Can be used outside.  Comes with black plastic feet that will not mark or damage your carpet or wood flooring.



Small - 49cm x 73cm (15cm off floor) - sleeping space 49cm x 55cm.  Support weight of 40kg/ 88lb

Medium - 59cm x 92cm (18cm off floor) - sleeping space 59cm x 73cm.  Supports weight of 50kg/ 110lb

Large - 69cm x 111cm (21cm off floor) - sleeping space 69cm x 90cm.  Supports weight of 70kg/ 154lb

X Large - 80cm x 126cm (23cm off floor) - sleeping space 80cm x 114cm.  Supports wright of 95kg/ 209lb

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by
    John Arden
    Best beds we've bought to date

    These beds are truly excellent, we have a small and medium with a mesh cover. The beds are comfy and after a long walk you can either let the dogs dry out in their kennel or bring them in. When in the house they will lie on their beds rather than lie on the carpet/rug. We are about to purchase a large bed for our 2 Clumber spaniel pups.
    Can you please let me know if you still do "extensions" so we can use as a Bunk bed,