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Designer Dog Beds at Pet365

Whether your dog likes to snuggle or spread out at night time, we have dog beds to suit. Dog beds for small to large breeds, cosy and fluffy or practical and waterproof, the beds come in a range of colours and materials that will also suit a range of home decor.

Every dog is different and, like you, will have a preferred way of sleeping - some like to curl up into a ball, others like to roll on their back and lie sprawled out for the world to see. At Pet365 we've tried to give you the best of everything so you can pick from one of our dog beds and know that you'll have a content canine! If your small dog is a snuggler, something like the Danish Design igloo pet bed is worth thinking about as it gives them a chance to hide away in the warmth and have a great sleep. If, however, that's a little too 'feline' for your liking, something just as warm and cuddly would be one of the Oval Dog Beds by Yap. Many of these are fleece lined for extra warmth and come in a huge variety of styles.  We also stock a waterproof dog bed, which is great for dogs that like rolling around in the wet stuff. It's a duvet style bed with a polyester cover that's changeable and easily washed so is likely to last far longer. Finally, for dogs that do like to stretch out, a standard duvet bed is the way to go. In our experience these are generally better for big dogs as they give them the space they need... but small pooches can get involved too!

1. Danish Design Waterproof Deep Duvet (Best value for money) - The County range from Danish Design is a truly practical solution for people with active or working dogs.  The County duvets are easy clean products made from waterproof fabrics that make life a breeze when muddy paws strike!  Simply wipe the duvets clean with a damp cloth. Great beds for the kitchen or the car.


2. Country Dog Oval Dog Bed (Great quality waterproof) - Pets and Leisure produces the Country Dog range of heavy duty waterproof dog beds.  This superb dog bed is 100% waterproof and the heavy duty fabric makes it one of the strongest dog beds around. This dog bed is super easy to keep clean.  Simply brush off any loose dirt, wipe with a wet cloth or rinse under a running tap/hose.  The removable cover also aids cleaning.


3. Hugo and Hennie Fab Bed in Sailstripe Blue (perfect for coastal retreats) - The Fabulous bed range from Hugo and Hennie are stylish and fashionable, and offering an upmarket twist to the dog duvet bed.  Pretty fabrics with complementary piped edges make this bed the perfect addition to any home.


4. Hugo and Hennie Sump Bed in Taupe Multispot (upmost in luxury) - The Sumptuous bed range from Hugo and Hennie is a classically design box duvet dog bed.  Pretty fabrics with complementary piped edges make this bed the perfect addition to any home.


5. Danish Design Box Duvet in Heritage Houndstooth (new and exciting from DD) - Deep filled with supersoft thermal polyester fibre providing softness, warmth and comfort, these duvets are the perfect pet bedding. The outer cover is zip fastened for easy access to the inner.


6. Danish Design Deep Duvet in Sherpa Fleece Paw (best seller) - The sherpa fleece luxury deep filled dog duvet by Danish Design.  Dog beds designed to provide extreme comfort for your pet!  Available in three rich colourways and featuring the exclusive Danish Design paw print.


7. Waifs and Strays Classic Leather Bed (for the pampered pooch) - Thick grain leather has been used on the bed sides, both inside and out, providing a gorgeous and stylish dog bed.  Inside the bed is a soft and sumptious cushion that is covered in velour, making it warm and comfortable.


8. The original Hi-K9 (for the adventurous dog) - The bed comprises a metal frame, which is zinc-plated for long term protection, and a fabric 'sling' wihich is stretched across the bed.  This creates a comfortable bed on which your dog can sleep, out of the cold drafts and so comfortable it moulds around your dog's body, providing a wonderful night's sleep.


9. YAP Montieri (for the dog that loves to snuggle) - This new dog bed from YAP is luxuriously soft and stylish dog bed. A brown faux leather outer is matched with a supersoft faux fur lining for extra warmth and comfort.



10. YAP Lille Cushion (for the dog that loves to be cushioned) - New supersoft dog cushion bed from YAP.  Gorgeous faux fur fabric in shades of grey on one side, and hard weaing cotton on the other.  The cover is removable for easy washing, at low temperatures.  The cushion is deep filled to provide a luxurious feel and a great night's sleep for your dog.





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