5 Things to Do with Your Dog Indoors

Tug of War Games

Rainy Day Boredom

Like humans, exercise is important for dogs. But sometimes it is not always possible to get outside for those activities.

Exercise not only improves your dog’s heart and lung function, but it can lead to improved health in the bones and joints. Allowing a dog to get regular exercise will also reduce hyperactivity, leading to a more calm and well-behaved dog at home. The best kind of exercise challenges a dog physically and mentally. Dogs like to use their skill to solve puzzles, while at the same time, expending some of that boundless energy.

Hide and Seek

One idea is to play hide and seek with your dog. Much like the children’s version, this game is interactive and gives your dog a physical and mental workout. Place the dog in one room and ask him to sit-stay or have a second person hold him by the collar. Go to another room and “hide.” Once hidden, call the dog and let the game begin. Once he finds you, reward him with a treat or his favorite toy.

Kibble Hunt

A variation of hide and seek is a Kibble Hunt. Instead of feeding your dog all at once, hide small amounts of food throughout the house. Make the hiding spots easy at first, and then increase the difficulty. This makes your dog “work” for his food, giving him that much needed exercise.

A Couple of Games

Tug of war and fetch are two classic games that are easy to play inside. Move to an open room and throw a ball so your dog can fetch it. Throw short and long distances, giving the game some variety. Tug of war can be played with a rope toy without a lot of extra room.


Puzzle dog toys are another great way for dogs to get much needed exercise in an interactive way. These toys keep a dog busy, while encouraging them to develop their problem solving abilities. Some of these toys have different types of squeakers and others are mechanical. Some puzzle toys allow for treats to be hidden inside, forcing your dog to figure out how to open it to retrieve the treats.

Tug of War Games

Play Dates

Supervised play time gives your dog the chance to exercise and “play” with their friends. Throw some toys in the center of the room for them to play with or encourage a game of tag. It is important, however, that the dogs are always supervised during one of these indoor playdates. This will discourage them from destroying items within the house or any bullying behaviour from one or more of the dogs.

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