Are Beagles Good With Kids?

Are Beagles Good With Kids?

When it comes to family dogs, beagles are high up on the list of favourite breeds. They are gentle, loving, and make great companions for adults and kids. They are also one of the most popular hounds for families with children. But are beagles good with kids? What should families consider before bringing a beagle into the home with kids?

These dogs are incredibly social and love being around people, which is why they make such great family pets. However, there are a few things families should keep in mind before bringing a beagle into the home with kids.

To help you decide if a beagle breed is the right dog for your family, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about these adorable creatures. Keep reading to learn more about beagles and kids, including their temperament, potential issues, and training tips.

Let’s start with the basics: what is a beagle?

Beagles are a type of hound dog that was initially bred for hunting. They are known for their signature bark and floppy ears. These dogs typically weigh between 18 and 30 pounds (8.16 to 13.61 kilograms)  and stand about 13 to 15 inches (33.02 to 38.1 centimetres)  tall at the shoulder.

Are Beagles Good With Kids?

Beagles are good with kids. In fact, they make some of the best family dogs around. They are social and loving, and they love being around people. They are also relatively easy to train, which is another bonus for families with children.

Female beagles may be better with children than males. While males are independent and can be a little more standoffish with kids, females can be more playful and loving.

However, sometimes female beagles can be moody and protective of their food and toys, so it’s important to supervise interactions between kids and beagles. 

Beagles Temperament

Beagles are typically an amiable breed and get along well with people of all ages. They are generally calm and gentle, making them a good choice for families with children.

However, beagles can also be independent and headstrong, so they may not be the best choice for first-time dog owners. Families should also be prepared to deal with potential behavioural issues, such as chewing and barking.

Beagles are also known for their high prey drive, which means they may instinctively chase smaller animals, such as cats and rabbits. So, if you have other pets in the home, you’ll need to be careful when introducing your beagle to them.

If you have children with some energy, a beagle may be the perfect dog for your family. These dogs love being active and playing games. However, you’ll still need to supervise playtime to ensure that your beagle doesn’t get too rough with kids.

Potential Issues With Beagles and Kids

While beagles are typically good with kids, there are a few potential issues families should be aware of. Some of these issues include:


Beagles are known for their signature bark and can be pretty vocal when they want something or are bored. If you have young children who are sensitive to noise, this may not be the best breed for your family.


Beagles may be prone to chewing on things, including shoes, furniture, and children’s toys. So, it’s essential to provide your beagle with plenty of chew dog toys and make sure that your child knows not to leave their toys around.

Prey Drive

As we mentioned earlier, beagles have a high prey drive, which means they may instinctively chase smaller animals, such as cats and rabbits. If you have other pets in the home, you’ll need to be careful when introducing your beagle to them.

Separation Anxiety

Beagles may experience separation anxiety when left alone, resulting in destructive behaviour. This can be especially problematic if you have a busy lifestyle and can’t spend a lot of time at home with your dog. So, if you work long hours or are often away from home, a beagle may not be the best choice for your family.

Training Tips for Beagles and Kids

Families with children can easily teach beagles basic dog commands. Here are a few tips for training beagles and kids together:

  • Start early – Puppies as young as eight weeks old can start learning simple commands such as sit, stay, and come. Training your beagle at a young age will help ensure that they are well-behaved around kids.
  • Make training fun – Training sessions should be a fun, positive experience for both you and your dog. Be sure to use lots of rewards (such as treats or praise) and keep sessions short and interactive.
  • Set rules and boundaries – It’s essential to set rules and boundaries for your beagle, especially when interacting with kids. For example, you may want to teach your child not to pet your dog without asking permission or not to leave their toys around.
  • Be consistent – Make sure that you are consistent with your training methods and expect the same behaviour from your dog no matter who is interacting with them.
  • Have patience – Training a beagle (or any dog for that matter) can take time and patience. Don’t get discouraged if your dog doesn’t seem to be catching on right away – keep at it, and they will eventually learn the desired behaviour.
  • Train your kids too! – It’s not just the dog that needs training – kids need to be taught how to interact with dogs too. Teach your children not to be scared of dogs, how to approach them calmly, and how to pet them properly.

Raising Beagles Around Older Children

If you have older children in your home, beagles can make excellent pets too. These dogs are typically good with kids of all ages and are known for their gentle nature. However, it’s essential to supervise playtime between your beagle and older children to ensure that things don’t get too rough.

Families with energetic children make beagles an excellent choice for a pet. These dogs are known for their high energy levels and love to play, go on walks, and run around. They are also typically very friendly and good with active kids. So, if you’re looking for a pet that can keep up with your active family, a beagle may be the perfect breed for you.

Beagles Around Toddlers

Beagles make excellent watchdogs and are often very protective of their family members. This can be a great trait when you have young children, as it means your beagle will likely bark if they hear or see something strange going on.

However, you’ll need to be careful when introducing your beagle to toddlers, as they may not know how to interact with a dog appropriately. Always supervise playtime between your dog and toddlers, and be sure to teach them how to pet a dog properly, give them space, and never approach a strange dog.

Having said that, if you have a baby or are concerned about sleep interruptions, a beagle might not be the best dog for you. These dogs typically like to bark and make a lot of noise, which can disturb your baby’s sleep.

In general, beagles make great family pets and are typically good with kids of all ages. However, it’s essential to do your research and consider the individual needs of your family before making a decision.

What Families Should Avoid Beagles?

There are a few families that should avoid beagles as pets. These include families with tiny children, families that live in apartments, families that work long hours, and families with allergies.

Beagles are high energy dogs that need a lot of exercise. If you don’t have enough time to take your dog for a walk or play with them, they may become restless and destructive.

Beagles are also notorious for barking and howling, which can be a nuisance to neighbours in apartments. If you live in a busy area or have close neighbours, you may want to consider another dog breed.

Lastly, beagles are known for their allergies. If one family member is allergic to dogs, other family members will likely be too. So, if you’re thinking of getting a beagle, it’s essential to do a test run and see if anyone in your family experiences any allergic reactions.

Are Beagles Good With Other Pets?

Beagles can be good with other pets, but it depends on the individual dog. Some beagles may be aggressive towards other animals, while others may be very friendly. It’s important to socialize your beagle from a young age and introduce them to other pets slowly.

Are Beagles Good With Strangers?

Beagles are typically good with strangers, but they will bark and act aggressively if they feel threatened. It’s important to teach your children how to approach a strange dog and never pet them without asking permission.

The Bottom Line

Beagles make great family pets and are typically good with kids of all ages. However, it’s essential to do your research and consider the individual needs of your family before making a decision. If you’re excited to add a beagle to your family, know that you’ll be getting a loyal and loving companion for years to come.