Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?

If you are considering this pet as a new addition to the family, you may be wondering, “Are Golden Retrievers good with kids?” And the simple answer is yes.

This docile, friendly breed is naturally gentle and makes an excellent companion for kids. These popular, golden dogs have a loving and affectionate demeanour. They are also very loyal and will quickly become your kids’ best friend.

Originally bred to retrieve fallen waterfowl, these intelligent and sweet-natured dogs quickly became popular as family dogs. The highly-trainable canines will quickly catch on to the rules to follow around your kids.

While male and female golden retrievers look and behave similarly, females are calmer and gentler than males. However, when triggered by fear or unfamiliar surroundings, both can become aggressive.

Golden Retrievers Temperament

In your search for the perfect pooch, consider your family’s personality as well as the new pet’s temperament to determine compatibility.

Retrievers are known for their golden temperament. They are obedient, calm, even-tempered dogs that love to play and quickly get attached to their humans. This trait makes them an excellent choice as a constant companion for kids of all ages.

These fairly predictable dogs are also social and don’t mind being around people. Other characteristics that make golden retrievers good with kids include:

  • Loyalty- Retrievers are very loyal pets and once they feel loved as part of the family, this pooch will always protect your kids.
  • Patience- While some family dogs like to play rough, the Golden Retriever is not known to have aggressive reactions. These patient canines are especially tolerant of little children and other pets. However, do not leave small kids around pets unsupervised.
  • Active: The Golden Retriever has boundless energy. It’s no wonder that they pair so well with children who also have a lot of energy. 
  • Quiet- Golden Retrievers do not bark as much as some of their other canine counterparts. You can depend on this pooch to remain calm and quiet as the children take a nap.
  • Laid-back personality: Golden retrievers are eager to please and love kids. They also have a soft gentle mouth which makes playtime a lot safer for your children.
  • Easy maintenance: This family-friendly pooch does not require extensive grooming and its easy-going personality makes it easy to maintain. This makes it a good fit for a busy family with small kids.

Potential Issues With Golden Retrievers And Kids

No matter which pet you and your family choose, harmonious interaction is critical. Be careful when first establishing a relationship between your kids and their new pooch. Introduce them slowly and never leave kids unsupervised around pets.

While golden retrievers are good with all kids, toddlers and younger babies can step on the pup, grab and pull them or trip over them which can trigger aggression. As you train your pet how to behave around your kids, teach younger children how to treat their canine companions.

Teach kids not to:

  • Grab the retriever’s ears, tail, paws, fur, or face
  • Hit them using hands or objects
  • Poke them with their finger or sharp objects
  • Step on the dogs
  • Chase the dog when it is tired or does not want to play

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids Of All ages?

Well-trained retrievers are good with kids of all ages from toddlers to older kids. However, if you have small children, you need to be careful before you get one as a full-grown pooch can weigh up to 65lbs – 75 lbs which can be overpowering for infants and toddlers.

Even at a young age, golden retrievers are always ready to play. It is not uncommon for these boisterous pups to jump onto their playmates which can cause accidents. If you have a young baby or a toddler, it may be better to wait until they are older to get them a dog.

However, if your kids are a little older an excellent way to test the waters is by fostering a retriever. These big, friendly dogs do not mind a bit of rough play and fostering one might help you understand how a pet would interact with your children.

Training a Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are high energy dogs and training them to be obedient can help them behave better around your kids. Luckily, training retrievers is easy as they are always eager to please. While training won’t turn them into guard dogs, this pooch will greet all your guests at the door.

If you’re a new parent, training your pup when they get home is the first step to helping them settle in. In addition to discipline, it is easy to teach golden retrievers entertaining tricks such as catching discs and balls.

Early socialisation will also help your golden retriever develop into a well-grounded pet who can play well with kids. A good place to start is by teaching them ‘sit and stay’ commands so you can quickly manage your pooch when you need to deal with a younger baby.

What Families Should Avoid Golden Retrievers?

Although these golden pups make great pets, they may not be the right fit for every family. Some reasons why the golden retriever might not be a great pet for your family include:

Their Boisterous Nature

Even at a young age, golden retrievers are easily excited. If your family has a small baby, their crying can trigger excitement in your pooch and cause them to get very excited. When excited, most dogs need lots of attention which may not be convenient if you have a small baby.

Of course, the baby phase does not last long, so as your baby grows older, you can always consider a new, golden addition to the family.

Golden Retrievers Require Attention

These golden-haired pets are not low maintenance. Golden retrievers have lots of energy and require lots of play and exercise to prevent aggression and disruption. A house with kids is the perfect fit if they are active and have lots of time to spend with the dog.

However, if you have your hands full with diapers, baby bottles, and errands, you won’t have enough time to attend to your pet. These pets love getting attention and may become unhappy if you have no time to attend to their needs.

Bottom Line

Golden retrievers are good with kids and make excellent family dogs. If your family leads an active lifestyle, the energetic pooch will fit right in. This gentle family pet loves to play and is very easy to train. The golden retriever also gets along well with other pets.

However, keep in mind that they are large, high-energy dogs who need a lot of attention. If your family is too busy to attend to its needs, this pooch will become sad and may even become disruptive.

Remember, a tired dog is a happy dog so let your kids and the favourite golden pooch run and play outside the house for up to two hours a day.