Boston Terrier Breed Information

Boston Terrier Portrait

Boston Terrier PortraitThe Boston Terrier originated from Boston, Massachussets, USA. In 1870 an American man called Robert C. Hooper imported a dog said to be the ancestor of Boston Terrier, a breed created from crossing the White English Terrier and the English Bulldog. Further cross breeding with the French Bulldog finally gave way to the breed we recognize today, although initially it was called the American Bull Terrier. This name was changed to the Boston Terrier and in 1893 was admitted to the American Kennel club, and was the first breed recognized by the club in the US.

The Bostons are small and compactly built with weight ranging from 4.5 to 11.5 kg and height from 38 to 43 cm. This makes them easy to carry. They have short, smooth coat that come in brindle, reddish or black colour that sheds moderately. The Bostons’ skull is square, flat on top and wrinkle-free. Their eyes are wide apart and full with alert and kind expressions that indicate intelligence and friendliness. These eyes are also large and round and normally come dark in colour. The ears are small and stand erect. The muzzle is short and square with black and wide nose. The breed’s body is short, as is his tail.

The breed’s short hair requires minimum grooming; only once a week. But daily wipes on his face will keep him clean and happy. The coat sheds a little and the nails should be clipped once in a while.

Boston Terrier PortraitThe Boston Terrier is by nature well-mannered, gentle, alert and highly intelligent. He can be a good companion for children as well as elderly people. He is a relatively quiet dog, too, so living in an apartment would not cause a problem. However, his friendly character does not make him a good watch dog as he will enjoy the presence of non-family members, including strangers.

This dog is so intelligent and eager to please that it is easy to train him. Gentle but firm and confident training will make him a very well-behaved dog. The breed is prone to hereditary heart defects and deafness. But a very healthy Boston Terrier will normally live until 10 to 13 years old.