Burmese Cat Breed Information


Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat breed is renowned for its beauty, intelligence and mannerisms. Burmese have a rich and complex history that began in Asia several hundred years ago. It is believed that modern Burmese are the descendants of a type of cat found in Siam, which is now called Thailand. In the 1930’s, a doctor named Joseph Thompson brought a female cat named Wong Mau to the United States. Wong Mau and a Siamese called Tai Mau bore a litter of kittens that were the first of the modern Burmese breed. The Burmese breed was recognized as an official breed in 1936.

Cat lovers around the world celebrate the Burmese for their physical beauty. In fact, the Thai word for Burmese is “Suphalak”, which means “beautiful in appearance” in English. Burmese are a short-haired breed with a soft, velvety coat that does not need extra brushing or care from the owner. Burmese can come in a wide variety of colors including chocolate, champagne, sable, lilac, cream or red.

Burmese usually have a wonderful temperament. They are an ideal indoor breed because they love attention and play. They are usually of a medium size. Burmese are known for having a great deal of energy that makes them wonderful companions for young children and large families. Female Burmese can be more active than males but both sexes are very vocal and emotionally expressive. All of these traits last throughout a Burmese cat’s lifetime, which can span almost twenty years.

Health problems affecting the Burmese breed are more prevalent in the British variant of the breed. A typical health problem occurs in some British Burmese kittens when they begin developing a new set of teeth. The new teeth can cause extreme discomfort and severe pain. Unfortunately, this condition cannot be remedied by surgery and affected Burmese kittens require constant attention to prevent them from scratching at their mouths.


Some British Burmese are prone to a condition known as hypokalaemia. This disorder is carried in the genes from parents to kittens and can cause Burmese to experience dangerous decreases in potassium. Typical symptoms include difficulty walking and holding the head upright. Fortunately, potassium supplements can alleviate these symptoms.

Burmese are a truly unique breed. They are ideal companions for anyone who loves to engage in energetic play and frequent interaction. A beautiful Burmese can bring many years of joy, fun and affection to its owners.