Can French Bulldogs Swim?

Can French Bulldogs Swim?

Are you thinking of taking your French Bulldog swimming for your next outdoor activity? Well, before you start planning, there are some things you should consider, like the fact that French Bulldogs can’t swim. 

Yes, Bulldogs, in general, aren’t the best swimmers. But that’s not their fault. With their heavy muscles, flat snouts, and wide torsos, French bulldogs can’t float in water. 

The use of life jackets is only one of the precautions you can take to ensure your French Bulldogs’ safety while swimming. 

Read on to find out how both of you can have a great time in the water even if your Frenchie can’t swim. 

Can French Bulldogs Swim?

No. French Bulldogs cannot swim.

Are you still wondering why they just sink in the water? It is majorly because of some of their physical attributes. Although they have a robust body, French Bulldogs are small and have short legs. These features and a high muscle-to-fat ratio make it hard for Frenchies to float or move in the water. 

Another reason is due to the fact that they are brachycephalic, which is a term that describes dogs with a broad, short skull and a flat face (short-headed). This trait causes the smooshed facial appearance that dog lovers find adorable. 

As cute as they are, brachycephalic in dog breeds like French Bulldogs comes with its fair share of health challenges like breathing problems. Because of this, Frenchies can’t lift their heads high enough above the water while swimming. 

Can You Teach a French Bulldog to Swim?

No, you can’t teach a french bulldog to swim like other dogs.

You can, however, teach them to use a life jacket so they can still enjoy water play.  With their small body, muscle density, and round shape, french bulldogs have more muscle than fat, making them top-heavy. Which means it is physically impossible for them to float. 

Even though they can’t swim, Frenchies still enjoy being in the water. Their love for water could be because they overheat pretty fast, so water helps them cool down more quickly. Not to mention it’s fun.

That is why you should be careful not to leave them unattended because they might go to the pool and risk drowning. 

How To Keep Your French Bulldog Safe  Around Water

Feeling sad that you might not get to swim with your Frenchie? Worry not! When swimming with your Frenchie, you can take some safety precautions to ensure they don’t drown. 

These precautions will only work if you are there to supervise your French Bulldog.

You should know that slim and young Frenchies can swim for a while but still can’t float. So you shouldn’t leave them to do it alone. Especially if they are tired and it is humid outside. 

Below are some safety tips on how to keep your French Bulldog safe around water:

  • Use Life Jackets

Yes, those life jackets you use when you go kayaking, fishing, or other water sports. Dogs have them too. A high-quality canine vest can help your French Bulldog enjoy the water. 

When choosing a life vest, you should make sure it offers sufficient flotation, does not irritate your French Bulldog’s skin, and fits well even when they’re swimming or running. 

You can let them try the vest to make sure they are comfortable wearing it before you go in the water. If your Frenchie behaves well and cooperates, you can reward them with treats. 

  • Be Observant

Keeping an eye on them is one way to ensure that French Bulldogs are safe around water. French Bulldogs are playful and love being around children so it is normal for them to want to play with their owner even in the water.

Being observant is a necessary precaution because when a bulldog starts sinking, it is easy for them to get to the bottom very fast. Ensure you don’t leave your puppy unattended, whether it’s in the ocean, swimming pool, or kiddie pool.

  • Try Kiddie Pools

You obviously shouldn’t share your kids’ pool with your Frenchie for health reasons. The options are either to get a new kiddie pool for your dog or a puppy pool that is claw proof. 

This way, they don’t have to strain to reach the ground. They can still comfortably breathe, allowing them to enjoy the water without tilting their head too high. 

Some dog pools don’t even need inflation for your dog to use. If your dog is too playful and might destroy an inflatable pool, these pools are the best choice. 

The one you choose should also have ample space and have non-toxic materials to ensure your puppy’s safety. 

The Bottom Line

Swimming is one of the best ways for both you and your Frenchie to cool down after a long day. Whether in the ocean or your backyard pool, swimming is an excellent exercise activity to prevent obesity and relieve stress in French Bulldogs. 

You might not know how much exercise your dog needs, but swimming is one way to keep them healthy. You should always consult your Vet regarding your Frenchie’s health needs and safety when swimming. 

Even though they can’t swim, your little dog should still get to enjoy outdoor pools. With proper safety precautions like using life jackets and claw-proof dog pools, your Frenchie will still get to experience water play in their unique way.