Caring for Your Dogs Teeth

Taking proper care of a beloved family pet requires some consideration for dental health. A dog can face many dental challenges due to plaque build-up and gum conditions. A dog owner needs to take measures to care for a dog’s teeth as much as any other area of a pet’s health.

Give Dogs Tooth-Cleaning Treats:

Caring for a dog’s teeth is often a confusing subject for pet owners. The problem is that many dog owners are not sure about the appropriate solutions to help keep teeth clean.

A simple way to help keep a dog’s teeth strong and healthy is through treats. Some treats are specially designed to help remove plaque before it can build up to tartar and removes the worst of the problems. Pet owners should give a treat that cleans the teeth at least once per week for tooth maintenance.

Since the dog treats are appealing to pets, it can serve two purposes: rewards and tooth health. Giving a dog treat that cleans teeth when a pet behaves well, performs a trick or obeys a command can help with training as well as maintaining pet health.

Brush a Dog’s Teeth:

Although dogs might not seem to need a toothbrush, owners should regularly brush a pet’s teeth to remove plaque before it can develop into tartar. The bacteria in a dog’s mouth can cause cavities, gum irritation and other problems if measures are not taken to prevent the problems.

Special dog toothbrushes are available that are smaller than those for humans. The brushes have very soft bristles and help owners get between the teeth to remove food particles and avoid the development of cavities.

When brushing a dog’s teeth, pet owners should only use toothpaste that was formulated for dogs. Human toothpaste can cause irritation and stomach aches, so it is better to avoid. The mint flavors are also not appealing to most dogs.

When brushing a dog’s teeth, owners should use a small circular motion and hold the brush at a 45 degree angle. The motion and angle help break up food particles and remove it before it can develop into unpleasant irritation.

Visit a Vet Regularly:

Regular visits to the vet are vital for overall pet health. The vet can catch problems early and provide steps to take to prevent further challenges when something is discovered. Although a vet is an important part of protecting a dog’s health, they also provide information that is specific to a dog’s needs.

During a visit to the vet, dog owners will have the opportunity to learn about a pet’s teeth as well as other areas of health. If concerns arise related to tooth health, then a vet can inform an owner and provide details about the next step for better health.

Although regular visits are important, dog owners should always take a pet to the vet if the gums become inflamed, look white or have any swelling. All of these are signs of serious gum health concerns and should be taken seriously. A vet can identify the specific concerns and provide medicine to help reduce inflammation and discomfort.

Taking care of a dog requires some consideration for the teeth. Although pet owners often take measures to protect a beloved pooch from known health concerns, teeth are sometimes overlooked. By regularly brushing a dog’s teeth with appropriate tools, providing treats that clean the mouth and taking a pet to the vet on a regular basis, the risk of health concerns related to the gums and teeth is reduced.