Cat Anatomy and Fascinating Facts

Having produced a few fun and interesting infographics on our canine friends, we thought it was high time we did the same for those felines.

We know that you loved our light-hearted look at the difference between Human and Dog anatomy and thought it would be fun to do the same with cats.  So here it is.  A fun and fascinating look at the cat and it’s anatomy, we hope you’ll be as amused and surprised at some of the facts that we found.

With the largest eyes of any mammal, a top running speed of 31mph and a similar body temperature to the human body, the cat is more than just an adorable furry friend.

Cat Anatomy

  1. We really like this graphic presentation of cat facts.

    The mom says she’ll check out your site when she gets a chance (she’s at work now). We tend to steer clear of featuring business sites on our own blog, as ours is for entertainment purposes only. But have you sent your site link to the Cat Blogosphere? There are a number of cat bloggers in the UK. 🙂

  2. Hi Matt, ncie page. One thing: most cats are not solitary by nature. That “fact” went out in the 70s when animal behaviourists started proper studies of cat colonies. Some big cats are solitary by nature but not /*Felis catus*/.

    And I’m amazed that Russians aren’t more into cats. Always thought they were a bit suspicious 🙂

  3. Very cute and very clever ~ and fun to read! We agree with Fuzzy Tales comments about including anything on our own blog; however, we will add your link to the blog roll. Thanks for getting in touch with us …
    The Zoolatry Girls

  4. Hey, Matt, glad you made it to the ‘sphere! It’s good to see facts depicted graphically. Wait a minute, that didn’t sound right. Well, you know what I mean! We enjoyed reading them very much.

    Tom & Julie

  5. We knew about the diesel engine and a few other things, but learned something, too. Nice presentation!

  6. if cats can’t taste sweets, why do two of mine have to eat everything that i do? if i have a donut (especially timbits) they won’t leave me alone until i give them a little piece. love the article. interesting to know how old my cats are in cat years. the oldest is 75, no wonder he is becoming so cantankerous (MOL)

  7. Hey cinnamon chaisson,

    The reason why cats do eat sweets even tough they don’t sense their taste, is because they’re intrigued by the lack of taste and keep asking for more hoping that they’ll sense something, someday (they think that the sweets must have some taste since we, humans, like them so much :D)