Dog Names – The Ultimate (Star) Guide

In our latest infographic we’ve researched everything to do with naming your dog. Whether it’s popular dog names, a list of famous pooches or (and you’ll laugh when you see some of them) the most bizarre things that people have come up with, we have them all.

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Dog Names – A – H

Acapella – Acapella means to make music without the use of instruments.
Abby – A Hebrew name meaning ‘Father in rejoicing’
Abercrombie – Scottish habitational name from a place in Fife named Abercrombie. Meaning either ‘confluence of rivers at a bend’ or ‘mouth of a bendy river’.
Admiral – Admiral is an English word meaning ‘High rank in the Navy’
Aladdin – Arabic for ‘Servent of Allah’
Alpha – Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet, but also used by African’s meaning ‘Leader’
Archie – ‘Archie’ a form of ‘Archibald’ meaning Precious and bold.
Armani – A German and Italian word meaning ‘Freeman’
Atlantis – Atlantis means beautiful and prosperous.
August – A form of ‘Augustus’ meaning venerated – the act of honouring a saint.
Aussie – The informal word of describing a native Australian.

Bacchus – A greek word meaning ‘To Shout’
Bailey – An English word meaning ‘Bailiff’
Baldwin – The German word for ‘Brave Friend’
Bali – Bali is a province of Indonesia. Bali is Swahili for ‘On the Contrary’
Bambi – Bambi is the Italian word meaning ‘Little Girl’ Although we mostly recognised the name from Disney’s famous baby deer – Bambi.
Baxter – The English word meaning ‘Baker’
Bessie – A Hebrew name meaning ‘My God is a vow’
Bob – A German word meaning ‘Bright Fame’
Bonnie – The phrase ‘Bonnie Lass’ most commonly used by the Scots. Bonnie means ‘Pretty’
Brownie – Of Australian origin, we mostly know Brownie to mean a sweet and delicious treat!
Bruno – A German name meaning Armour.

Cadbury – We mostly know the word Cadbury thanks to the chocolate brand! But Cadbury is an old English word meaning ‘Swelled Fortress’
Cajun – A common house spice, but interestingly Cajun is the name of an Acadian settler in Louisiana.
Calico – Calico is the describing word of a ‘multi-coloured’ animal, mainly cats.
California – An Arabic word meaning ‘Ruler’
Cheddar – Cheddar is a describing word for a mild cheese.
Chief – Chief is the word to describe a leader of people or a small clan.
Chunk – A robust name for your dog meaning thick or solid piece of ‘something’.
Chutney – A condiment from the country of India which contains spices, fruits and vegetables.
Crumb – A small fragment which has come off a piece of food, such as bread, cheese or a cracker.
Cyrano – A lunar impact crater, which sits on the far side of the moon away from us on Earth.

Da Vinci – If you choose to call your dog this, you’d be naming your pooch after a very famous and very artistic person – Leonardo Da Vinci.
Dante – ‘Dante’ a strong and enduring character.
Dazzler – A ‘dazzling’ character.
Dew – Those lovely tiny droplets of water that we find in the garden after a cold night!
Dino – Dino is a name that originates from Africa, used to describe someone that is an excellent Spearman.
Diva – The name meaning of Diva is ‘Powerful Woman’
Dodger – A great name for your speedy canine friend that can run and dodge in circles whilst running!
Dragon – We can all guess what Dragon means! For a canine friend to be named this, they’d have to be a big, scary, strong dog. Or maybe a tiny Chihuahua to be controversial? You decide!
Dude – A pet name for your favourite pal!
Dylan – A Welsh name meaning ‘Tide’ or ‘Flow’.

Echo – A word meaning ‘to respond’.
Elmer – Elmer is a German name meaning noble and famous.
Elmo – Strangely I remember Elmo as a Muppets character! Interestingly though, Elmo is a German name meaning Helmet.
Elvis – A name most commonly known for the famous, Elvis Presley, the American singer and actor.
Emerald – The birthstone of May, Emerald simply means Green Gemstone.
Emerson – Emerson is used in most English speaking countries and simply means ‘son of Emery’
Emily – An old Latin name meaning ‘Revival’
Enzo – Generally used as a boys name, Enzo means ‘home ruler’.
Epic – A young internet slang word to describe something or someone who is ‘extremely awesome’.
Eureka – We have all had those moments where we shout out “Eureka!” a good moment to have.

Fable – A short but informative story.
Falcon – A very simple meaning for this strong name: Falcon Keeper.
Fang – Interestingly ‘Fang’ as a name doesn’t mean the type of tooth, but means fragrant; pleasant. A chinese name.
Ferrero – The Italian and Spanish name for someone who works with Iron. In English terms this would be ‘Smith’. Also – it’s the yummy chocolates!
Fiesta – A day for Saint’s.
Fiji – A beautiful island located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean.
Fleur – A Latin French name meaning ‘Flower’.
Frosty – On those cold winter mornings, we always see that cold frost forming on surfaces.
Fudge – A soft and yummy candy.
Fuzzie – A perfect name for your fuzzy haired friend!

Galileo – Galileo is the Hebrew name meaning ‘Rolled Sheet’.
Gandhi – The name Gandhi literally means ‘Perfume Merchant’.
Gecko – A gecko is regarded as having supernatural powers and is said to be feared by native Polynesian’s.
Gemini – The northern constellation which represents the two mythological twins.
Gizmo – A mechanical device.
Goliath – A Philistine Giant, who was lain by David.
Goldie – A variant of ‘Golda’ meaning precious metal.
Guido – An earthly name meaning ‘forest’.
Guru – Interestingly Guru is an Indian word ‘Teacher’.
Gus – A strong name meaning ‘worthy of respect’.

Hancock – A worthy name, most recognised for John Hancock who was the first person to sign the declaration of Independence.
Harley – A name used for both a girl or boy, meaning ‘Hare clearing’.
Havana – The capital city of a beautiful country, Cuba.
Heidi – A German name meaning ‘Noble one’.
Honey – A simple and elegant name, referring to the sweet nectar made by bees; Honey.
Hooch – A name best referred to as the famous film ‘Turner and Hooch’. Hooch was a Dogue de Bordeaux whom everyone loved.
Hope – Another name which means exactly as it reads; Hope.
Houdini – A great name for a dog who is able to get out of anywhere – Houdini!
Hugo – Another German name which means ‘Mind, Heart and Spirit’.
Hulk – The best name for a dog who is strong willed, and muscular!

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Dog Names – I – P

Iggy – Mostly made famous by the music sensation ‘Iggy Pop’.
India – The Sanskrit word meaning ‘Body of Water’.
Indie – Indie is the informal word of independent.
Indigo – Indigo is a tropical plant which produces a dye which can be used.
Iota – Iota has the meaning of ‘Dramatic’ ‘Idealistic’ and ‘Inspirational’.
Ira – The meaning of Ira is ‘Warrior’
Iris – Iris is a Greek name meaning ‘Rainbow’.
Isabelle – ‘My God is an oath’ is the meaning of Isabelle.
Isis – Isis has the meaning of ‘Woman of the throne’.
Ivy – A simple and beautiful name which simply means ‘Ivy’.

Jack Daniel’s – A popular drink, closely associated with rock bands and it’s square shaped bottle.
Jade – Is a precious green stone.
Jake – A Hebrew name meaning ‘Held High’.
Jazz – Jazz, a popular music genre from the 20th century, consisting of many musical instruments.
Jelly Bean – Various different flavoured candy, shaped like a bean! – funnily enough.
Jinx – A type of curse placed upon someone, who has said the same thing as you at exactly the same time!
Joy – A name which has the same meaning as itself ‘Joy’.
Juliet – A Latin name meaning ‘Down-beareded youth’.
June – A month in our year, the meaning is the ‘6th Month’.
Jupiter – A Latin name meaning ‘Father God’.

K-9 – ‘K-9’ is an abbreviation of Canine, Canine being a domesticated dog.
Kahlua – is a coffee flavoured, rum based liqueur made by the Mexicans.
Kaiser – ‘Kaiser’ is the Head of the Holy Roman Empire.
Kenya – Is a girls name, of African origin, place name of an African country.
Kibbles – Ground or chopped meal shaped into pellets. A sweet name for a cute cuddly friend.
Kilo – Kilo is the measurement for mass.
Koala – An aboriginal Australian marsupial.
Kobi – A Hebrew name meaning
Koko – Koko is a Japanese name meaning ‘Stork’. A pretty and dainty little name for your pooch.
Kumi – Kumi is a Swahili name meaning ‘Ten’.

Labrynth – In Greek Mythology Labrynth was the maze in which the Minotaur was confined.
Lady – A polite reference word for a woman.
Laker – I have mostly associated this name with the American basketball team of Los Angeles the ‘Lakers’.
Levi – Levi, associated with the jeans brand ‘Levis Strauss’.
Lilac – Lilac, a soft purple colour.
Lionheart – Mostly associated with King Richard the 1st, who was a great military leader, and so was named ‘Richard the Lionheart’ for his strong will and determination.
Lola – A lovely name for your little lady K-9.
Lucky – A fortunate, and successful name.
Lulu – Lulu the Scottish singer and actress is most famous for this lovely name.
Lunatic – As it reads – your pet will be a crazy one when named Lunatic! hehe.

Macbeth – The tragedy of Macbeth is a play written and made famous by William Shakespeare.
Macho – A strong, versatile name.
Magna – Magna is a Latin name meaning ‘Large’.
Mandy – Mandy, a Latin name meaning ‘She who must be loved’.
Maui – Maui, an island which is part of the Hawaiian islands.
Max – Derived from ‘Maximillian’ has the meaning of ‘Little Maximus’.
McCoy – A Scottish surname.
Milo – Milo, a German name meaning ‘Peaceful’.
Minnie – A girls name meaning ‘Desire’ and ‘Protection’.
Monty – A name made famous thanks to the comedy show ‘Monty Python’. Monty means ‘Power of Man’.

Nacho – Part of a Mexican dish, piled up with cheese and spices.
Napa – Napa is a county in California.
Newton – The name Newton has mostly been made famous by the scientist Isaac Newton.
Nibbles – Nibbles, a sweet name for a small bite, otherwise known as a ‘nibble’.
Nikita – Nikita is a name meaning ‘Unconquerable’.
Nina – Swahili for ‘Mother’.
Ninja – A person whom is skilled at the art of ninjutsu.
Noah – A Hebrew name meaning ‘Rest or ‘Comfort’.
Nomad – A person who has no permanent place of residence, someone who moves around from place to place regularly.
Nova – Is a girls Latin name meaning ‘New’.

Odyssey – The definition of Odyssey is ‘A long and eventful journey’.
Oliver – A French name meaning ‘Elf Army’.
Onyx – A name for a black precious stone.
Opal – Another name for a precious stone.
Oreo – A yummy brand of chocolate biscuit filled with a creamy white filling.
Othello – A German name meaning ‘Wealth’.
Otis – A Greek name meaning ‘He who hears well’.
Ouzo – A Greek anise-flavoured liqueur.
Ox – An Ox is a domesticated bovine animal.
Ozzie – Ozzie is a nickname for someone who originates from Australia.

Paco – A Spanish name for a boy meaning ‘Eagle’.
Paddington – Made famous thanks to the English cartoon ‘Paddington Bear’.
Paisley – A type of 60’s styled print.
Panther – A name for an animal which is part of the big cat family.
Pepper – Pepper is a sweet dog name, made famous by a Friend’s episode, where Joey’s girlfriends dog was called Pepper.
Petra – The feminine form of ‘Peter’.
Ping – A Chinese name meaning ‘Apple’.
Polly – An English name which was used in Old English as a nickname for Mary.
Pooch – A nickname for a dog.
Pumpkin – A root vegetable mostly seen around Halloween when children carve nice designs into them.

Dog Names – Q – Z

Qantas – A name made famous thanks to the airline.
Quasi – A shortened version of the name ‘Quasimodo’.
Quasimodo – A name meaning ‘half-formed’.
Queeny – A name referring to the Queen.
Quiche – A type of food.
Quick – To be quick, is to get to places in a fast manner, such as running.
Quicksilver – A type of brand, made famous by surfers around the world.
Quincy – Is usually given as a persons surname, but has shown as a popular dogs name.
Quirk – A derivative of ‘quirky’ which means to be different from the norm, and stray from the crowd.
Quixote – Quixote is an unusual name, meaning the ‘one who hides himself’.

Radar – An antenna used to detect the whereabouts of certain objects or people.
Ragdoll – A breed of cat.
Raisin – A raisin is a grape, which has been dried, as a tasty snack.
Rambo – Made famous thanks to the film series ‘Rambo’ starring Sylvester Stallone.
Ranger – A name given to a member of a body of armed men.
Rasta – The nickname given to a Rastafarian.
Ravel – Has most commonly been used as a surname in comparison to being used as a first name.
Raven – A large and heavier built bird, compared to a crow because of it’s appearance.
Rocca – An Italian name meaning high.
Rusty – A common dogs name.

Sadie – A common girl and dog name meaning ‘Princess’.
Saga – A long story of heroic achievement.
Sahara – A name most commonly known for the desert located in Africa.
Salty – A word used to describe a food that has maybe too much salt cooked into it.
Sam – A name meaning ‘His name is God’.
Sandman – The descriptive name given to a monster that lived in a desert known as ‘The Sandman’.
Sangria – A Spanish cocktail.
Sienna – The name meaning of Sienna is to describe the colour as a ‘reddish orange-brown’.
Silver – A precious metal.
Snowball – A describing word for a ball made from snow, used in snowball fights during the cold winter months!

Talisman – An Arabic word meaning ‘to consecrate’.
Tango – A form of dance originating from Uruguay and Argentina.
Tara – A Gaelic name meaning ‘Hill’.
Terror – A frequent word that I use to describe my puppy, a terror. Not because she’s a bad dog, of course!
Tess – A Greek name meaning ‘Harvester’.
Texas – An American state.
Thor – A hammer-weilding God associated with thunder, lightning and storms.
Tiger – The largest of the big cat species.
Toby – A Hebrew name meaning ‘God is Good’.
Typhoon – A typhoon is a mature tropical cyclone.

Ugly Bugly – A name that I would personally describe as a pet name for your dog.
Ulanova – When researching what Ulanova means, I found that it was a popular cat name, named after a famous ballerina.
Uma – Uma is of Indian origin meaning ‘Goddess’.
Unagi – Unagi means ‘Freshwater Eel’ in Japanese.
Uncle Sam – A personification of the American government during the war period.
Urchin – A mischievous young child.
Ursa – A villain from the DC Comics universe.
Ursula – A Latin name meaning ‘Little Bear’.
Ushiki – An unusual name most commonly known as a surname.
Utopia – An imaginary place or space, where we know everything to be perfect, compared to reality.

Valentine – A name meaning ‘Strong’ and ‘Healthy’.
Van Gogh – A Dutch post-impressionist painter who’s work is still recognised now.
Vanilla – A substance obtained from vanilla beans.
Velcro – A fastener consisting of a thin plastic sheet with tiny ‘hooks’ on.
Velvet – A closely woven fabric of silk, cotton or nylon.
Violet – A ‘pinky-purple’ colour is the best way to describe Violet!
Viper – Viper has the meaning of ‘venomous’ snake.
Visa – A type of card transaction.
Vixen – Best described as a female fox.
Voyager – A long journey to a foreign or distant place.

Wags – An action a dog does with his or her tail!
Waldo – A name made most famous by the books ‘Where’s Waldo?’ the American take on ‘Where’s Walley?’
Warhol – A name made most famous by the artist Andy Warhol.
Wilson – Wilson, a common surname but also a common first name which simply means ‘Son of William’.
Windy – A type of weather marked by the exposed winds.
Winston – A boys English name meaning ‘Joy stone’.
Wizard – A describing word for a man whom has magical powers.
Wolfgang – An old german name, particularly popular in Austria and Germany.
Woody – A describing word for somewhere that is covered in trees.
Wrigley – The world’s largest chewing gum manufacturing brand.

Xanadu – A word used to describe somewhere that is an idyllic and beautiful place.
Xanthius – Is a Greek name which means ‘Golden Haired’ or ‘Blonde’.
Xavier – A boys name meaning ‘New House’.
Xena – Is an Islamic name meaning ‘Foreigner’.
Xerox – A take on the word ‘xerographic’ which is a copying process.
Xerxes – A Greek form of the Persian name Khshayarsha which means “ruler over heroes”.

Yahoo – A word which expresses much enjoyment and excitement.
Yankee – A word to describe someone who comes from the USA.
Yana – A member of an extinct tribe of North American Indian people who lived in northern California.
Yoda – The Sanskrit word of ‘Yoddha’ means ‘Warrior’. Yoda has been made most famous by the character from Star Wars.
Yogi Bear – Is a fictional character whom appears in the cartoons products by Hanna-Barbera.
Yorgy – Is a most commonly used as a surname, it’s meanings are unclear.
Yo-Yo – A popular toy from the 90’s.
Yukon – The river Yukon is located in the north of
Yule – Is the period over christmas time from the 24th December to January the 6th.
Yuma – A member of an American Indian people living mainly in southwestern Arizona, they speak the language – Yuman.

Zack – A Hebrew name meaning ‘The Lord remembers’.
Zaire – The meaning of Zaire is ‘River’.
Zebu – A bovine animal living in India, with long horns and a hump back.
Zeke – The meaning of Zeke is ‘God will strengthen’.
Zelda – The meaning behind the word Zelda is unknown, but it has been used for a popular game, named (funnily enough) Zelda.
Zephyr – Zephyr means ‘A soft gentle breeze’.
Zeus – The supreme God, the son of Cronus.
Ziggy – The name meaning of Ziggy is ‘Victory’ and ‘Protection’.
Zorro – A Spanish name meaning ‘Fox’.
Zulu – A member of a group of South African people, living in a region called KwaSulu-Natal province.

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