English Setter Breed Information

English Setter


The English Setter dates back to the 19th century. They were bred over 400 years ago in England. During this time, great care was taken in breeding to make this type of dog. This dog is best understood to come from a mix of English Springer Spaniel, large Water Spaniel, and the Spanish Pointer. While breeding to develop the English Setter, the traits needed for a good bird dog were taken into consideration. Not only is an English Setter a great bird dog, but they have the poise and disposition of a show dog as well.

English SetterPhysical Attributes

The English Setter is a breed of dog that is lean and long. When looking at their head from above, it is oval in shape with a muzzle that is long and squared off. The nose is black or brown in color. Their eyes are dark brown, round, and large. The ears hang down lower and are set back further on their heads. The coat of an English Setter lays flat with long or short hair, depending on the type. Typically the English Setters that are used for hunting have shorter hair, and those used as show dogs have longer hair. Their coat is feathery along the tail, back of the legs, chest, and underside. Their color is primarily white with a mix of brown, orange, yellow, or blue giving them a variety of different markings.

Family Life

English Setter

An English Setter is a friendly, calm and gentle type of dog. They are good with children and enjoy all of the affection and attention they can get. Although they are energetic and full of live when they are outside, they are calm and quiet when they are inside. With all of the energy this breed of dog has, it is important that they are allowed time outside each day going for a walk or running around in order to release some of the energy. This will allow them to stay calm inside. They can be trained easily when the proper tone of voice and authority is used. These dogs are extremely intelligent dogs and can be taught a variety of commands. Whether they are being taught different commands for hunting or shows or are being taught simple commands for home, such as sit and stay, the English Setter will be able to pick up on them quickly. This breed of dog does not do well locked up in a kennel or isolated within a yard all the time. They enjoy being with people which is in part why they are a good breed to have as a family dog. In order to keep their coats looking their best, it is important that they are groomed regularly with brushing and having it trimmed as needed.