Keeping pets safe at Christmas

The festive period is well and truly upon us. It’s a time to celebrate, have fun and spoil our loved ones – including our pets.

Christmas is a time when your home is bursting with family and friends, fancy decorations and treats, but it can sometimes be a little overwhelming for our pets. Try to keep your pet’s eating and exercise habits as close to normal during the festivities.

Pets and Christmas trees 

Put your tree in a corner and make sure the base is secure – climbing cats and a wobbly tree do not mix!

If you’ve got a real tree, sweep away pine needles regularly as there’s a danger of needles getting stuck in claws. If they do, their paws can get infected so don’t take any risks and get them to the vets.

Pets and decorations

Ornaments, tinsel, and baubles can all be broken, swallowed, knocked over and chewed so try and keep decorations away from your pets.  The same goes for fairy lights – teeth and electric wires don’t mix! Keep the cables from Christmas tree lights out of reach because you can guarantee you rabbit, cat and dog will try to chew through them. If you are trying to train your dog visit

The same goes with Christmas plants. They may look pretty but mistletoe, holly and ivy are poisonous for pets and if eaten can cause problems so keep them out of reach too.

Pets and food

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without an abundance of food and treats. However don’t be tempted to give your left-overs to your pet. Always keep food well out of reach as many of our favourite seasonal indulgences are poisonous.

Cooked turkey bones might seem irresistible to your dog but they present a choking hazard and chocolate is actually one of the most commonly encountered poisonings in pet dogs, even a small amount of chocolate can be dangerous. Treat your pets by giving them pet specific treats – they’ll be more than happy with that.

Tug of War GamesPets and stocking fillers

If you are looking for some stocking fillers for your pets this Christmas, make sure you choose gifts that are safe. Dogs have been known to tear their toys apart and swallow the pieces, and risky toys for cats involve ribbon, yarn and loose little parts that can get stuck in their throats.

Most pet related Christmas dangers are easy to avoid so just have fun and remember to keep your pets safe!