Scottish Terrier Breed Information

Scottish Terrier Portrait

Scottish Terrier PortraitThe Scottish Terrier’s roots go as far back as the 1600s, however the breed was not official until the late 1800s. The first standard was written in 1880 by J.B. Morrison and has remained the heart of all standards written since. In 1882 the Scottish Terrier Club was organised with officers in both Scotland and England. Later this was separated into two independent clubs that continued to work closely with each other. John Naylor brought the first Scottie into the United States in 1883.

This dog has a strong body with short legs and a large head. The almond shaped eyes are small and far apart. The front feet are larger than the back feet and designed for digging. The wiry outer coat is stiff and course while the undercoat is soft to the touch. Colours are black, wheaton, and brindle. Sometimes there is a bit of white on the chest. There is also a solid white coat that is much more rare and not accepted by all clubs.

Scottish Terriers are described as being brave, alert, lovable with plenty of charm and character. They are also stubborn and require a firm and consistent handler. Every member of he household should be consistent in establishing and enforcing rules of behavior or the dog will take the dominate role.

This breed is fine in apartment living, but requires daily exercise. They prefer cooler climates. Regular brushing of the wire coat is important. It sheds little or no hair.