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Hamish McBeth Grooming Kits

We asked Holly, our budding Cocker Spaniel volunteer, to try out the Hamish McBeth Grooming Kit. Fortunately for us, Kate, her owner, was able to provide us with the written review! Keep…

Dog Anatomy in Pictures

Human and Dog Anatomy are, unsurprisingly, quite different… although there are similarities. In the third of our summer infographic series we give a fun, light-hearted look at the inner workings of our canine friends!

Embryonic, Puppy and Dog Development

Following on from our dog anatomy, dog world records and dog training information infographics we’ve researched how a dog goes from just a couple of a cells to a walking, barking canine…

Dog World Records

From the tallest to the smallest, the fastest at winding down windows and the largest litter. These dog world records have been found from all over the world.

Pet Obesity – Stats and Information

A hot topic at the moment, pet obesity is on the rise! We’re all prone to giving one or two extra treats, which is fine, but there has to be a limit…

Dog Rocks

Do Dog Rocks Rock?

Why Dock Rocks? When we moved into our new house, everything was immaculate! In particular the garden had been well cared for and had beautiful borders and a well manicured lawn. It…