The Ultimate Dog Movie Quiz

Are you guilty of shedding a tear or two at your favourite dog film? Whether it’s ‘Marley and Me’ or ‘Lady and the Tramp,’ many of these films have a special place in our hearts. But do you know these Hollywood hounds as well as you think you do? Protectivity have come up with a way to test both your movie and canine knowledge with the ultimate dog movie quiz.

You’ve heard of the American legend Frank Sinatra, famously known for his singing, but did you know that his other claim to fame is inspiring the name of the pooch in the highest grossing dog film of all time; Scooby Doo, which has earned a staggering $153m since its release in 2002! Fred Silverman claims to have heard Sinatra on the radio singing ‘scooby-doo-be-doo’ (note Sinatra was actually singing doobie not scooby’), and the American executive and producer decided on the name Scooby-Doo as a result!

We all love to follow a good romance but who knew we’d be so attached to one about a couple of cartoon hounds. Lady and the Tramp’s spaghetti scene, which has to be up there with the most iconic romantic scenes of all time, interestingly was close to not happening at all. Walt Disney’s hesitance towards it was luckily overcome, and we are all eternally thankful, never eating spaghetti in the same way.

Fast forward to more recent doggy blockbusters and we get to your favourite labrador, Marley from the 2008 tear-jerker ‘Marley and Me.’ Actually, it might be best to say labradors, as this film saw 22 different golden pups feature as the star of the show.  A dream set to work on right?

But if you think 22 dogs is a lot, you’ve obviously forgotten one of the most famous dog films of all time; 101 dalmations.  Not only are there a lot of adorable hounds in this movie, there are even more spots –  6,469,952 in fact, appearing in the 103 minute movie.

So do you still think you know your Hollywood Hounds, or are you maybe barking up the wrong tree?  Take the quiz here to find out!