Training Tips: How To Teach A Dog To Walk To Heel

How to train a dog to heel

How to train a dog to heel

A well-trained dog is pure delight. Choosing to be in command of your “best friend” is a great decision for which you need to be commended. You may choose to take your best friend to a trainer, or if at all possible, you may choose to be the “master” of your situation from the beginning. This is a time when bonding can occur. The ties are strengthened between you and your pup when you give him/her the time, the care and the love necessary to do a relaxed and successful job with sensitive training.

Make certain that you are scheduling your training sessions when you are comfortable, somewhat energized and yet relaxed. Also, it is vital that your dog is comfortable and alert. You may want to start in a place with few distractions.

Every effort to follow a repetitive plan needs to be made. If in doubt, you may want try the following, “tried-and-tested” suggestions. Make certain to give these suggestions time. Total training does not occur in one day. Just ask your mother! Repeated practice and lots of love are the keys to a great outcome.

Suggestions for Teaching Your Dog to Walk and to Heel:

  1. Start with a few minutes of giving your dog some pets and speak loving words to him/her in a gentle and kind manner. Generally use the same words with each session. You may also wish to throw a ball and let him run in order to “stretch out” before you start training.
  2. Training in an open area is good so that you can begin walking a short distance while saying the words “WALK WITH ME” and then STOPPING. Firmly, but gently say the word “Stop.” Stroke your dog’s back, repeating “good boy or good girl.” Do this a variety of times before moving on to the next stage of things. Each time you start walking again, say the words “WALK WITH ME.” When stopping, always give the command to “HEEL.” Pull the leash a bit shorter so that he is beside you when you finally stop.
  3. As he gets the hang of what you want from him, it is a good thing for you to show a bit of enthusiasm and a little excitement, saying “Good boy.”
  4. Always carry small treats with you and occasionally give him his favorite reward.
  5. Take breaks during your sessions and sit and commune with your best friend. Talk with him. Always use the word “love.” It is though that word brings a universally positive response from all creatures. The word seems to be deeply embedded in the cellular structure of all living things! Never, never use the word love while you are angry.
  6. Being angry is counterproductive in every instance while training an animal.
  7. Never smack your dog on the nose. The nose is extremely sensitive. There is an almost irreversible shame involved in that action. The same thing is true of people when they are slapped in the face. These are tough moments to resolve!

Make all of your training a pleasant experience for your pet, and you will be the one who is rewarded. Keep in mind that DOG spelled in reverse spells GOD.