Why Do Dogs Drag Their Bums?

Why Do Dogs Drag Their Bums?

Why Do Dogs Drag Their Bums?

Any family with a dog has likely seen the beloved critter glide his or her bum across the floor. This scenario may occur after a visit to the bathroom or at any other time of the day. While the dog may look a bit funny scooting across the room on its behind, this act can actually be indicative of a serious health condition. What are some of the problems associated with a dog dragging his or her rear across the floor?

Why Do Dogs Drag Their Bums?

Discomfort in the Area

When a bug bites or stings you, that area on your body likely has some discomfort to it. As a result, you’ll probably start itching the area, even if the doctor advises you not to do so! However, dogs do not have the convenience of simply taking their paws and scratching irritated areas. If after they have released their bowels, some feces become stuck in their rear, they may begin scooting to get rid of the excess material and release their discomfort. This might occur from some upset stomach problems, or it could be the result of a particularly messy bathroom visit. According to Pet WebMD’s article, “Why Is My Dog Dragging Its Bottom?” anal sac issues may also be the culprit. These sacs can become inflamed or irritated, so, once again, the dog is trying to relieve the discomfort.


Another potential problem posed by “Why Is My Dog Dragging Its Bottom?” is the presence of worms in your dog’s system. Worms, particularly tape worms, enter into the system of your dog through fleas that have an infestation of dogs. However they find their way into the body, they can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog. When the dog goes to the bathroom, these worms actually gather around the anus, which is the source of the discomfort. Not until these worms are away will the annoyance, itching and bothering vanish from your dog’s body. In addition to eliminating the worms from the dog, precautions must also be taken to rid the dog’s body of fleas. Some, as the article notes, suggest garlic as a remedy. However, please note that garlic can actually be very toxic for dogs, so it is wise to seek other remedies, some of which will be discussed later.

Rectal Prolapse

The last possible cause for a dog scooting his rear across the floor listed in the article is a rectal prolapse. Whether it is from certain stomach issues that the dog has or other problems, part of the rectum actually starts to come through the anus. Obviously, this situation is unpleasant for any living creature. Fortunately, for this issue and the others listed above, remedies do exist, so your dog can go back to being his happy self once again.

The Solution

In some cases, the problem might occur only once. It might just have been a little bit of fecal matter that the dog needed to wipe away. However, it is always best to take precautions in the event that something more serious is actually starting to occur. Therefore, a trip to the vet is necessary. Indeed, some of these problems can and will be taken care of at home, but you must not try to treat your dog before you have received advice from a vet. Some of the recommended treatments, such as garlic, are actually poisonous. Additionally, the vet might decide that it is best that the pet is treated at the animal care facility.

A number of reasons can be causing your dog to drag his or her bum across the floor, so please consult with a vet to obtain the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.