Eden Pet Foods Review

I was lucky enough to be approached by Daniel from Eden Pet Foods who asked me to try Sadie on their Eden Original, Eden Catch of the Day and Eden Country Cuisine dog food. I’ve seen Eden Pet at many different shows that we’ve been so and always been intrigued by them, drawn in by their fantastic show stand which you simply cannot miss.

Eden Pet Food is specially formulated to match the diet of our beloved pets’ diets – meat, meat and a bit more meat. In-fact Eden Pet is made up of 80% meat and 20% fruit and vegetables, providing a low glycaemic index (G.I.) with no grain or other fillers. The ingredients are human grade fresh meat, any chickens used are free range, plus it’s made in Britain – what more could you ask for?!

Sadie usually has her dry food mixed in with some Nature’s Diet and absolutely loves her dry food. So we knew it would be perfect to mix the Eden Pet dry food in with her Nature’s Diet and see how she gets on.

At first we started to slowly wean her onto the Eden Pet, making sure to not upset her stomach by introducing new foods – this was recommended by Daniel. It took a couple of weeks but we soon got her onto Eden Pet without any of her usual dry food.

Sadie isn’t a fussy kind of dog so it made no surprise to me that she didn’t turn her nose up to the food. But that wasn’t what surprised me, it was the condition of her coat. Silky, and looking in fantastic condition!

I would definitely recommend Eden Pet Foods to anyone who wants to not only nourish their dog, but also help their dog really flourish. We really saw Sadie’s coat turn into a glossy, silky Golden Retriever coat (not that she was scraggly before!)