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Hamish McBeth Grooming Kits

We asked Holly, our budding Cocker Spaniel volunteer, to try out the Hamish McBeth Grooming Kit. Fortunately for us, Kate, her owner, was able to provide us with the written review! Keep…

Dog Rocks

Do Dog Rocks Rock?

Why Dock Rocks? When we moved into our new house, everything was immaculate! In particular the garden had been well cared for and had beautiful borders and a well manicured lawn. It…

Light up your life with a Leuchtie LED dog collar

During the winter months, it is always a challenge to get the dogs walked in the light. I’m lucky that with my job, I often have flexibility to take walks at times…

Top Holiday Essentials for You and Your Dog

Top 5 Holiday Essentials For You And Your Dog

Going on holiday with your dog need not be stressful. In fact, it can be really good fun. Staying in the UK and exploring the wonderful sights we have available on our…

Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

We all know at least one dog lover who ends up being horrendously tricky to buy for at Christmas… which is where our big list of goodies comes in. From clothes and…

Dublin Dog Waterproof Dog Collar

Dog Collars for Small Dogs

Struggling to find the perfect collar for your small pooch? Look no further! Pet 365 have written an article to help you find a dog collar for small dogs!

Holly & Lil 'Ophelia' Dog Collar

Expensive Dog Collars

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive dog collar is? Well, Pet365 did some research into the most expensive dog collars at the moment!

Happy Valentines Day from Pet 365

Valentines Day Gifts for Dogs

Are you wondering what to buy your loved one (or ones) for Valentines Day? Well, here at Pet 365 we have picked out some of the best products that would truly say…

Happy Easter from Pet 365

Easter Gifts for Dogs

We love to treat our family, especially one special member – our dog. Pet365 has collated together a list of Easter Gifts for Dogs.

Valentines Day Presents for Dogs

It’s coming up to that time of year when we celebrate Valentines day by sharing time with our special someone, by buying a present, or making a special meal. This year I’m…