Pooch & Mutt Treats

I was recently given the opportunity to give the new treats from Pooch & Mutt a go. After spending much deliberation as to what treats would be best to give to our two Golden Retrievers, I decided that the ‘Fresh Breath’, ‘Active Mobility’ and ‘Puppy Development’ sounded like the best ones for our 11 year old girl and 20 months girl.

Bonnie who is 11 years old often gets quite stiff joints, with the bout of bad breath – I don’t hold grudges, she’s a gorgeous girl with a heart of gold! So the Fresh Breath and Active Mobility treats sounded like they would be perfect for her.

Sadie who is 20 months old is still such a puppy, bounding around, carrying socks around – its hard to keep up with her and her mischievous ways! The Puppy Development treats sounded like they would be a perfect treat when practicing new tricks and doing some training.

First Impressions

The treats arrived and I couldn’t help but ‘oooh’ and ‘aaahhh’ over how amazing the packaging is! Lightweight, packed full of information and draws you in so much that you want to know more about these little hand-baked pieces of wonder.

Not only are the treats are natural, ethical, low-calorie and gluten-free, depending on which packs you have, there aren’t many ingredients, and certainly no added preservatives. For example, Fresh Breath contains: Parsley, peppermint oil and chicory (a natural prebiotic). Fantastic!

Not only are there good things packed into these treats, they come in such a good size, which is actually an important thing with my dogs, they will eat anything or any size. So the smaller the treat is often the better, as they know they’re getting a tasty treat, but at such a good small size, they won’t be filling out their waistlines.

The Taste Test

Bonnie, who is fussy, very fussy, soon chomped these pieces of wonder down. Sitting like a prized pooch with her eyes beaming, I knew she loved the taste – big tick from Bo.

Sadie, who isn’t fussy, sat patiently waiting, after having a good sniff around the package, she soon chomped a few down, and her breath smelt lovely and minty!

First impressions were great, so I’ve been putting a handful in my pocket for when we are out on walks down the farm, Bonnie never strays far when she knows she’s going to be getting one of these treats. And Sadie soon comes flying back to my side if she thinks there is even the smallest of chances of receiving one of these treats.

Over-all Rating

My over-all rating? 10/10! I couldn’t recommend these treats enough. I’m even hoping that Pooch & Mutt develop some human treats!