Dog Names – The Ultimate (Star) Guide

Our Dog Names graphic is all about naming your dog. Whether it’s popular dog names, a list of famous pooches or (and you’ll laugh when you see some of them) ...

Pet Obesity – Stats and Information

A hot topic at the moment, pet obesity is on the rise! We’re all prone to giving one or two extra treats, which is fine, but there has to be ...

Dog Training – Facts and Figures

After the success of last month’s post I decided that it was time to do something with a little more substance. So, as a rose-tinted dog owner with three very ...

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The Pet Insurance Guide

It’s a well known fact that we are a nation of pet lovers. According to the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association, it is estimated that 13 million (46%) households have pets in the UK. With our four-legged friends very much part of the family, there’s no doubting that fact we’d be devastated if anything happened to them. Unlike [...]

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The Latest Apps for Pet Owners

Have you ever experienced that frantic moment when your dog runs out the front door and you have to chase him down the street to catch him? Or have you ever stayed up all night because your cat hasn’t been seen for 24 hours and you’ve grown increasingly concerned of their whereabouts? On average 10 [...]

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What’s the best type of food for my dog?

Ever heard of the saying “variety is the spice of life?” Well this isn’t exactly true when it comes to your canine pal! Feeding your dog a variety of different foods can cause havoc to their digestive system. So whether it’s dry, tinned or fresh – sticking to the right type of food is essential [...]

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Chow Chow Closeup

The not-so-clever ones

If you read the previous post, you’ll know that some dog breeds are exceptionally clever. If you’re looking for a dog to walk the blind, guard your house, or even herd your cattle, you now which breed to go for. But if you’re looking for a lap dog to sit and lick you all day, intelligence [...]

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Border Collie Portrait

How Clever is your Dog?

Do YOU own one of the smartest dogs in the world? We all know that every dog is unique and that means their intelligence comes in various forms. Although the best in any breed can be nurtured by owners putting blood, sweat and tears into training, there are fixed realities when it comes to their [...]

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Nobody Likes a Stinky Kiss

We all know a bad breath when we smell it! But do you know why your dog gets it? And what can be done to improve it? Bad breath, medically termed ‘halitosis,’ is a common problem reported by pet owners. Bad breath is caused by an excessive build-up of odor producing bacteria in your dog’s mouth, [...]

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Introducing the Pet-Nup

Relationship break up’s are never easy and they become even more difficult when faced with the dilemma ‘who gets the dog?” During a messy break up, it’s often the people involved who suffer the most, with little thought about what is best for the pet. This was until leading pet charity Blue Cross came up [...]

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All You Need to Know About Crufts

Crufts History Charles Cruft worked for a dog biscuit manufacturer and regularly attended dog shows in Great Britain and around the world. While at the shows, he grew concerned that the events should promote higher standards. He devised a plan to make that dream a reality. Cruft’s first show took place in 1886 and was [...]

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Teaching your dog to lie down

The 10 Commandments of Dog Training

Having a well trained dog doesn’t happen over night. They may well be man’s best friend, but that doesn’t stop them from having some innocent (and lets face it, some quite irritating) tendencies that can make them difficult to live with! The barking, the digging, the chewing – the list goes on. To make the [...]

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Fight the Fleas

If you share your life with a four legged companion, it’s likely you will come across a flea infestation at one point or another. It’s something that every pet owner dreads, seeing their pet afflicted with those pesky little insects. Fleas are canny creatures and they have a way of making their way into your [...]

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