Do Dog Rocks Rock?

Dog Rocks Packet

Why Dock Rocks?

When we moved into our new house, everything was immaculate! In particular the garden had been well cared for and had beautiful borders and a well manicured lawn. It didn’t take us long, with 3 dogs, to put pay to the lovely lush lawn that had been so kindly left to us by the previous owners.

The other half isn’t a great DIY-er, and I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing that with you! He is, however, very keen on a nice lawn, so when the brown patches (and in some places bald patches!) started to appear he was on the case.

There appeared to be a couple of different products available on the market that professed to greatly reduce, or even eliminate the brown patches that our dog’s urine was causing on the garden. However, it was Dog Rocks that really grabbed our attention. How could some simple stones thrown into the dog’s water bowl really help our scorched grass? Read this dog rocks review to find out…

What are they?

Dog Rocks are 100% natural and are mined in Australia. The purpose of the rocks is to filter out impurities from the dog’s urine, such as tin, ammonia and nitrates, which are responsible for ‘burning’ the grass when the dog pees on it.

So how do you use them?

Each pack has approximately 2/3 stones in it, and after giving the stones a little rinse, they are placed in the dog’s water bowl. Each pack of stones lasts up to 2 months, when the stones then need to be replaced. And it’s as easy as that! It is recommended that you let your dog drink from as few other sources as possible i.e. puddles, ditches etc thereby ensuring that they’re predominantly only drinking the ‘filtered’ water.

Dog Rocks

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Do they work?

I’m the biggest cynic alive, and I did have a little snigger to myself as the first batch of stones went into the bowl. I really didn’t see how a couple of rocks could really make a different – but boy was I wrong! You have to leave your lawn for approx 5 weeks before you see any results, so it’s not a quick fix. I did take a break for a couple of months not long after using them just to see whether the improvements in the lawn were a fluke or as a result of the Rocks. And I was amazed even further. The brown patches which had disappeared leaving our lawn to recover and become green again, started to reappear. We’ve been using them for well over a year now and have had really good results with them.

Pros and Cons

On the upside I really think this product makes a difference and for that reason are worth having in your life. At approximately £10 a pack, some would argue that it’s another expense to add to the long list when owning a dog, but I would argue that £5 per month its quite a cost effective method of keeping the lawn looking green and lush! Some people find that their dog pick the stones out of the bowl, although I haven’t had that problem. If this happens you can use the stones in a jug to filter the water before putting it in the bowl, although this isn’t supposed to be as good as having them in the bowl itself. If you’re unsure, and like me didn’t think they’d work why not buy just one pack and give them a go? I suspect that like me you won’t be disappointed.

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